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    A friend of mine sent this link to me. I found it interesting, but in the pictures you can see many Imperial Russian, Serbian, and Montenegrin Orders and Medals. Enjoy.
    Erich … 8news.html

    Frank Dutil

    What an INCREDIBLE find!! :shock: It’s great to see so many highly historical items survived to this day!

    Now watch the rats and cockroaches that’ll come out of the woodwork claiming a piece of the pie… :evil:


    According to the article, the cockroaches and rats already are. It is sad, that people can not just let these wonderful items be maintained by a museum. But greed ruins all things.



    cockroaches and rats .

    You wouldn’t talk like this, if "Your" family
    would have gone through the same devastation!

    Many lost their "Life" over this,
    and have worked for generations for their property!
    … give back what doesn’t belong to you to begin with!

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    To F. Matinoff:
    I am not exactly sure by what "devestation" you speak? The Bolshevik Revolution, followed by nearly 80 years of Communist Party rule, or the fires that errupt in these old palaces due to reconstruction? While I can not speak for anyone else, I can certainly state that my references to "cockroaches and rats" are people who have no interest in the merchandise, except in attempting to make a profit. In 90 years, many things can occur, including the demise of whole family lines. People pretend to be someone they are not (such as the rightful heirs of the Russian throne) in an effort to make money on items that do not belong to them, and instead should be in a museum. I believe that all items of historical importance should be shared by all, unless it rightfully belongs to a family, upon certification of their true linneage, who will make that decision. So, please do not take what I say and attempt to misinterpret it, thank you kindly.


    Very well said Erich

    fred j borgmann

    I wonder why someone added those modern coins to the pile in picture 16?


    You can still see the article and photos on the WayBack machine archive. Dave.

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