OMSA Officers consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and the Treasurer, and six Directors, elected from the individual membership of the Society.  The four enumerated Officers, the six Directors and the immediate Past-President (when applicable) together comprise the OMSA Board of Directors

The OMSA Board of Directors evaluate, amend as necessary and vote upon those matters placed before the Board for their consideration by the President.  They may also request the President to initiate and place before the Board any matter they deem to be of benefit to OMSA.

In order to provide continuity in office, the President and Treasurer will be elected one year for a term of four years, and the Vice-President and Secretary will be elected two years thereafter for a term of four years, and thus will the election of the President and Treasurer and Vice-President and Secretary continue to alternate every two years.   Two Directors will be elected every year for a three year term so that one-third of the Board of Directors will be elected each year. 

Functional Managers are appointed by the OMSA Board to execute the business affairs of OMSA and are also listed below for your reference, 

President:  John W. Allgood
Vice President:  William F. Brown Jr.
Treasurer: Tim Bartholow
Director: Kevin Beyer
Director: Fred Borch, Col, USA (Ret)
Director: E. J. Fischer
Director: William Jansen
Director: Ed Naylor
Director: Nathan S. Weiss
Director Emeritus: Harry H. Bendorf, BGen, USAF (Ret)
Secretary: Clyde L. Tinklepaugh, Jr.
Past President: Dean S. Veremakis, Capt, USNR (Ret)
JOMSA Managing Editor: Fred Borch
Publications Manager: Skip Pfeiffer
OMSA Publication Sales: Steven E. Watts
Awards: Larry Watson
JOMSA Advertising Sales: Pat McGovern
Identification & Inquires: Jeff Floyd
Research and Library Coordinator:
Non-Receipt/back-issues of JOMSA: Steve Watts
Ribbon Bank Manager: Kevin Beyer