March-June 2024 President’s Message



Dear Fellow OMSA members:


Changes in JOMSA.   This issue marks a change in JOMSA.  As you will know from my recent email message to the membership, JOMSA will now be published on a quarterly basis.  We didn’t take this decision lightly.  There are numerous reasons for this change but the most important is cost.   OMSA, like everyone these days, is facing rising inflation.  Paper costs and, more importantly for the journal, postage costs are rising.  JOMSA remains the most expensive part of our budget but also the most important.  For most members, JOMSA remains the primary contact with the society.  Our articles will remain first class thanks to continued contributions by our membership.  JOMSA wouldn’t be as successful if not for our fine editorial team of Bill Jansen, Fred Borch and Nick McDowell.  I would urge every member to think of an article for our great journal.

New Board members for OMSA.   Unfortunately, we have had two board members recently resign from the board.   As President, I have appointed two new members to fill these vacant positions.   Bill Jansen, also JOMSA technical editor, will be taking the position previously held by Jeff Floyd.   Kevin Beyer, our Ribbon Bank manager, will be taking the position previously held by Russ Furtado.  I know Bill and Kevin will make fine additions to the board.  I would also encourage any member who wants to participate further in the society to run for office.  Two positions are up for election every year.   A healthy competition for elected office is a good thing for the society.

This year’s convention in Chicago.  Also in this issue, you will find a registration form for this year’s convention in Chicago Illinois.   The convention will be held at the Chicago O’hare Marriott airport from August 15 to August 18.   This year’s exhibit theme will be: The Coast Guard – Over Two Centuries of Service.   Of note, this year’s convention will be held between the ANA convention and the Democratic National Convention, both to be held in Chicago.  So there shouldn’t be any competiton for you to attend. I’m certain that it will be a great convention.  Our local co-chairs will be Greg Harper (who has run two conventions in Milwaukee) and Kevin Beyer.   Please make your plans now to attend.

Future conventions.   We have yet to finalize conventions for the future.   If you want a convention in your town, please let us know.  We are always looking for new locations to hold our convention.   As someone who has hosted two conventions, I know that it is takes some effort but it is very rewarding both to help the society as well as know the membership even better.  The Board has the knowledge to assist in working any convention.  Think about hosting a convention in your town.