Medal Rolls

On this page you can access various medal rolls for United States of America campaign medals. Some Rolls can be searched by Medal number, others by Name, Rank, or Ship/Unit. More rolls will be added when they become available.

About Medal Numbers

Numbers on US medals come in three varieties: No.1234, 1234, and M.No.1234. The first two varieties are usually traceable, the last is not. The rolls presented here are only for No-prefixed numbers or “plain” numbered (i.e., no prefix), the rolls do not contain M.No.-prefixed numbers.

Extant US Medals

A list of extant US campaign medals with numbers has been curated by Barry Weaver, it is available in pdf format HERE

1 Roll of Naval Civil War medals for 1861-65.

2 Roll of Army Civil War medals.

Army CW
3 Roll of Dewey medals for 1898.

4 Roll of Naval Spanish Campaign medals.

5 Roll of Spainsh War Service medals.

Spanish War Service
6 Roll of Puerto Rico Occupation medals.

Puerto Rico
7 Roll of Navy Philippine Camp. medals.

8 Roll of Army Philippine Camp. medals.

9 Roll of China Boxer Rebellion medals.

10 Roll of Mexican Bdr. Service medals.

11 Insull medal for Resuscitation.

Insull Medal
12 McCarter medal for Resuscitation.

McCarter Medal
13 Roll of Typhus Commis. medals.

14 Roll of Medaille de la Reconnaissance.

Reconnaissance Medal
15 Roll of UDC Cross for WWI.

UDC Cross for WWI Military Service
16 Roll of Penn Foreign for WWI.

Penn Foreign Awards for WWI
17 Roll of SAR war wh. Spain medals.

18 Roll of Specially MM 1898.

Specially Meritorious Medal 1898