OMSA Secretary Clyde L. Tinklepaugh, Jr.
P.O. Box 540
Claymont, DE 19703-0540

W e welcome your interest in the ORDERS AND MEDALS SOCIETY OF AMERICA. A brief history and explanation of our Society and its aims are as follows:

The OMSA was founded in 1950 and organized in 1951 as a non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of California. It is composed of over 1,500 members world-wide who are interested in the study and/or collecting of the insignia of the orders of knighthood and merit, the decorations of valor and honor, the medals of distinction and service, and allied material and historical data.

Mail Options 1 Year Membership 3 Year Membership
Electronic Version Only             $19.95               –
Bulk Mail (US only)             $49               $140
First Class (US only)             $59               $170
Airmail to Canada/Mexico             $65              $185
Airmail Worldwide             $75               $215


Life Membership Rates

Age US Member Canada/Mexico All Other Contries
21-39 $1030 $1365 $1575
40-64 $835 $1105 $1275
65 and above $590 $780 $900

The Society is waiting to process your membership and there are two ways you can complete the application for membership:

A. Visit the OMSA on-line store and join via the internet. The OMSA Store takes check/money order, PayPal, and all major credit cards (via PayPal)! Visit the store HERE .

B. Simply fill out and print the form below and mail it to the Secretary at the address above, accompanied by your check or money order in the proper amount payable to “Orders and Medals Society of America.” You also can send the Secretary your credit card name, number, security code and expiration data for that manner of payment.  Please note that we only accept MasterCard and Visa.  If you want to pay via other credit cards, please use the PayPal link in Option A.

Back issue journals for the current year will be mailed together, to bring you up to date for the year, and your subscription entered for the remainder.

OMSA Membership Application: FORM