In 2001, the Board of Directors approved a new program to be known as THE OMSA FUND FOR ORDERS, DECORATIONS AND MEDALS (ODM) RESEARCH.  It was announced by the OMSA President in a message to members in the 2001 May-June issue of JOMSA.

The purpose of the Fund is to help promote research in orders, medals, decorations and other awards of the world community through funding all or part of the cost of research planned for publication. The publication can be JOMSA, an OMSA Monograph or Medal Note, or the official publication of correspondent organizations. The OMSA Board of Directors funded an initial amount of $5,000. The fund has since been supplemented through member donations and bequests.

The Orders and Medals Society of America is an IRS 301 © (3) tax exempt organization. Donations can include cash or property and may be transmitted as gifts, bequests, legacies, devises, or transfers.

The rationale for the fund is that there is still much ODM information stashed away in city, state and federal archives as well as libraries and museums. OMSA members have always been willing to donate their personal time and money to do research and share the results with their fellow collectors. OMSA recognizes that these efforts can sometimes be costly and it is possible that the research program may be able to offer financial assistance.

The OMSA President has appointed a committee to manage the program and operating protocols have been developed.  Questions may be referred to member Fred Borch (Click for e-mail).