Many times, just knowing where to start is half the battle with wanting to write a JOMSA article. Here are some tips to get you started!

1.  I have a great idea for an article but don’t know if I am capable of writing it. Who can help me?

The JOMSA staff will be happy to assist you in preparing your article.  Contact the JOMSA editor and he will provide you with whatever assistance is needed.

2.  What if I do not know how to prepare digitized images for my article? 

Send hard-copy photos to the JOMSA editor and he will digitize the photos for publication and return them to you after your article is published.

3.  May I use copyrighted material from other people’s books or websites?

No. It is the responsibility of authors to ensure that illustrations (photographs, maps, diagrams, etc.) submitted with their articles are either in the public domain or used with permission if copyrighted (or otherwise protected as intellectual property). Authors must expressly agree to hold OMSA harmless for any legal liability that may arise out of claims of copyright infringement for the use of these illustrations.

4.  I have an idea for an article; how do I find out if it is suitable for JOMSA?

Send the JOMSA Editor a synopsis of your proposed article.

5.  How do I find out the proper format for an article for  JOMSA?

Obtain a copy of the JOMSA Author’s Guide from this website or contact the JOMSA editor for a copy.

6.  How do I send my article and images to the JOMSA editor?

The article should be submitted in MS Word with separate images.  These can be sent to the editor as email attachments or on a CD or DVD.  The images should be sent as separate .jpg or .tiff files or as hard copy for the editor to digitize.

7.  Is there anything that I need to send to the JOMSA editor besides the text and images for my article?

Yes, when you send your article, please include your email address and phone number so that the editor may contact you if he needs to discuss your article.

8.  How long after I submit my article will it be published?

Articles will usually be published within three or four issues after the date of receipt, but recognize that this time period may be shorter, or longer, depending on the range of articles that are available at the time and the need to have a variety of articles and authors for each issue.

9.  Will I see page proofs for my article prior to publication?

Yes.  About seven to eight weeks prior to publication each author will receive a copy of their edited article for proofing in order to correct spelling and other small errors.

10.  How do I get additional copies of the issue containing my article?

Authors wishing a complimentary copy of the issue of JOMSA or desiring to purchase additional copies need to contact Steve Watts, OMSA Back-Issue Manager, whose name is on the table of contents page of each issue of the Journal.

11.  How do I contact the JOMSA Editor?

If you wish to contact the JOMSA editor, please use the JOMSA Editor category in the Contact form here or at the top right section of this page.