The Ribbon Bank is a service for members of OMSA and offers a large selection of ribbons, devices, and medal-related items at a reasonable cost. The Ribbon Bank is inventoried in a computer database and a listing available to members via e-mail contains the current stock that is available for sale.

The Ribbon Bank is operated as a volunteer function of the Society and orders are answered as quickly as possible. The Ribbon Bank operates on a “self-sufficient” basis. All money received is re-invested in the Ribbon Bank and allows it to grow in quality, quantity, and variety. Donations of ribbon, devices, reference materials, or ribbon-related items, by dealers or the general membership, are heartily welcomed by Ribbon Bank Manager: Kevin Beyer

The Ribbon Bank List contains more than 1,800 different ribbons, devices, and ribbon related items covering 102 countries and 41 states. Since 1951, the Ribbon Bank has been operated by 10 full-time managers and three interim managers.

The Ribbon Bank at the OMSA Convention

For those attending the OMSA Conventions, Kevin Beyer also brings an extensive ribbon stock to sell at the OMSA Conventions. He is located at the OMSA Ribbon Bank tables in the Bourse (shown in the illustration below) so that all attending OMSA members can sort through his stock to fill their needs.