One of the hardest things about research is knowing where to start.  Often you will only know the recipient of the medal.  Occassionally you will also find paperwork with the medal.  Want to find out more?  Click on the link below for a detailed tutorial about how to start research in the US archives.

Researching a US Veteran – Record Requests from the Archives.


Although a large amount of research can be found among the US national archives, each State has it’s own archive system.  A number hold significant material on soldiers from their states.  The level of detail can often be much more on the State level than on the national level.  To find out more about some US state archives, click on the link below.

Links to the US State Archives.


There are a vast array of American medals available to the collector.  Medals have been issued on the Federal and State level as well as a variety of privately issued medals.  For collectors interested in American medals the possibilities seem endless.  Have a look at our extensive Medal Image database to see some of the many American medals available.

Link to the American Medals in the OMSA Image database