One of the biggest benefits of your OMSA membership is the opportunity to experience an OMSA Convention. If you are new to collecting or have never attended a convention, here are a few good reasons to join us:

Building Your Collecting Network

The most experienced collectors know that one of the most important collecting investments is a good reference library. The books on your shelf are critical to gaining key knowledge and can be a significant contribution to a good collection.

Equally important is building your collecting network of friends and acquaintances that can pass on their experiences and expertise first hand. This is especially critical for the new collector.

While you may have local gun and militaria shows in your area, there is no better avenue to increasing your collecting network than through an OMSA Convention. This is simply due to the pure concentration of collectors, knowledge and material on the subject of orders and medals.

Gaining Hands-On Numismatic Knowledge

The surest way to gain numismatic experience in orders and medals isto physically view and handle both ordinary and rare materials you would not ordinarily come into contact with. The only real way to truly become an ‘expert’ is to study the sometimes minute differences and nuances of your collecting interests.

An OMSA Convention offers this unique opportunity by walking the bourse, viewing the exhibits, attending the seminars and talking firsthand with other OMSA members. Many times, seminar presenters will bring rare pieces from their collections for viewing during or after their talks.

Why is all of this important? New collectors, especially those buying through the internet, need to be particularly careful due to the growing number of fakes and forgeries in the marketplace today. Handling the good material gives you the experience to distinguish numismatic rarities from clever fakes.

Finding That Elusive Piece or Selling Your Own Material

Just as important as developing hands-on numismatic knowledge is a chance to meet collectors or dealers to buy and sell your orders and medals. Coming to the OMSA Convention gives you an excellent opportunity to meet both collectors and dealers from all over the U.S., Canada and many overseas countries.

Remember too, that quite often some of the best material passes between friends and never shows up at a dealer’s table, list or in an auction. The simple truth is that many collectors would rather sell their best medals to friends to pass them on to a good home. That is what the bourse is all about at an OMSA Convention. It is a true collectors’ gathering as well as a dealers’ venue. Whether you are buying or selling, you are very likely to find what you are looking for.

Have Fun With Both Friends and Family

Attending an OMSA Convention is a chance to see your old friends and make some new ones. Many collectors realize that in one’s collecting lifetime, the friends and acquaintances you make are one of the real benefits of collecting. The discoveries you find and the research you may do as an advanced collector means more if you can share it with your close colleagues.

For many of us, family time must also be balanced with time spent at the OMSA Convention. While OMSA Convention cities and hotels are chosen to fit in a moderate budget range, there are good local museums, entertainment and activities for those that wish to travel to the conventions with their families. For information on recreational activities available during your convention stay, a simple internet search for ideas is always helpful. Contact your OMSA Convention Chairman for more specific questions.