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Point of Contact

The OMSA Advertising Manager is the Point of Contact for all matters pertaining to ads in JOMSA.  Send all inquires and ad copy/graphics for ads directly to Advertising Manager:

Pat McGovern,  U.S.A.  (Click for email)


Ad Copy Information

Send completed ad copy/graphics to JOMSA Advertising Manager:

Pat McGovern

(Please Note:  Ad copy should be sent as either MS Word, .JPG, .TIF, or .PDF files.)


Advertising Deadlines

Please Note:   All classified and display ad copy must be received by the JOMSA Advertising Manager in order to appear in a particular issue.  Issue deadlines are as follows:

 Issue  Last Day to Schedule an Ad for an Issue Last Day to Submit Ad Copy to Advert Manager
January-February 15 November 15 December
March-April 15 January 15 February
May-June 15 March 15 April
July-August 15 May 15 June
September-October 15 July 15 August
November-December 15 September 15 October


Advertising Rates and Sizes*


Ad Position Cost-Single


Cost for

Annual Subscription 


(width X length)

U.S. (inches) Metric (cm)
Outside Back Cover-Color $495.00 $2970.00 8.5 X  11 21.59 X 27.94
Inside Back Cover-Color $365.00 $2190.00 8.5 X  11 21.59 X 27.94
Inside Front Cover-Color $365.00 $2190.00 8.5 X  11 21.59 X 27.94
Full Page-Color $355.00 $2130.00 7.3 X  9.8 18.54 X 24.89
Full Page-Grayscale $250.00 $1500.00 7.3 X  9.8 18.54 X 24.89
Half Page-Color $250.00 $1500.00 7.3 X  4.7 18.54 X 11.94
Half Page-Grayscale $150.00 $  900.00 7.3 X  4.7 18.54 X 11.94
Quarter Page-Color $150.00 $  900.00 3.5 X  4.7 8.89 X 11.94
Quarter Page-Grayscale $  85.00 $  510.00 3.5 X  4.7 8.89 X 11.94


*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Special Instructions
The Journal of the Orders and Medals Society of America is published six times per year.

The Journal is mailed during the last week of the first month of each bimonthly issue; i.e. on the last week of January for the January-February  issue. etc.  Advertisers of time-sensitive  material should take the mailing schedule into consideration.  The Society takes no responsibility for late receipt of issues caused by U.S. Postal Service delays.


All ads should be submitted in either MS Word, .JPG, .TIF, or .PDF files as email attachments or by regular mail on DVDs or CDs.  All ads must have a minimum of 300 dpi resolution at publication size.

All ads must fit within the dimensions shown under “Advertising Rates and Sizes” above.

All position ads are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Payment. All ads must be prepaid in U.S. dollars.  Checks and money orders are to be made payable to the Orders and Medals Society of America.  All payments should be directed to the OMSA Treasurer, Tim Bartholow; P.O. Box 7632; Athens, GA, 30604-7632; to email Mr. Bartholow, click HERE.  All International checks and money orders must have a U.S. Federal Reserve Bank routing number.  Payments may also be made by VISA or Master Card.   AMEX; Discover and Debit Cards will not be accepted.    For local or international buyers who wish to pay via Wire Transfer or “Pay Pal”; please contact the OMSA Treasurer for specific individual instructions.

*Foreign advertisers please note:  The ISO A4 page format (21.0 X 29.7 cm or 8.27 X 11.69 inches)is longer than the U.S. standard letter-size page format (8.5 X 11 inches) and will not fit the JOMSA page format properly.


Copy Services (Please coordinate all copy services with the JOMSA Editor)

The JOMSA editor is Dick Flory. Email: CLICK HERE. PO Box 6122, Chico, CA, 9527-6122

In order to assist advertisers, the JOMSA Editor will provide the following services at the costs enumerated to advertisers requiring assistance in copy preparation.

Ad layout-Design and layout the ad using customer photo and text.  Price includes one photo scan. Requires customer approval prior to publication.

Full Page – $65.00, Half Page $45.00

Convert hardcopy ad to digital – Price includes one photo scan.  Requires customer approval prior to publication.  Full Page – $45.00,  Half Page – $25.00

Photo scan – $15.00 each.

Clients using these services who request it will be provided a DVD disk containing their ad.

Advertiser Obligations and Buyer Complaints

1.  By submitting an advertisement for publication in JOMSA, an advertiser agrees to be bound by OMSA’s Code of Ethics in all transactions with OMSA members

2.  Advertisers agree to disclose if anything they are selling is a Reproduction or Copy. 

The Society assumes no legal responsibility with respect to goods offered by or purchased from advertisers.  Nor can the Society undertake the often difficult and always time consuming task of arbitrating differences between buyers and sellers.  However, by placing an ad in the Journal, advertisers agree to provide a full refund to buyers within forty-five days from the date of purchase upon presentation of a reasonable claim that ODMR purchased was not as stated in the ad.  The Society will investigate any claim of failure to make a prompt refund of such goods.