Figure 1: West Galician Commemoration Medal, obverse on ribbon. Image from the author’s archive.


The West Gallaecian Commemoration Medal (Medaille zur Huldigung von Westgalizien) was instituted in 1796 by Emperor Franz II to commemorate the participation in the West Gallaecian Campaign against the French.

Date Issued: August 17, 1796

Reason Issued: This medal was authorized for those who participated in the campaign against the French in West Galicia

Classes or Types: One in the form of a silver medal

Interesting Facts: None known

Hallmarks: None Known

Design: A round medal with a raised rim and an attached flat round eye.

Figure 2: West Galician Commemoration Medal, obverse. Image from the author’s archive.

Obverse:  The bust of Emperor Franz II in profile, facing to the right, with long flowing hair and a laurel wreath on his head. Around the edge of the medal is an inscription which reads: IMP. CAES. FRANCISCO II. HVNG. BOH. GAL. ET. LOD. REGI Translation, Franz II, Emperor and King of Hungary, Bohemia, Galicia and LOD . Below the bust is inscribed the name of the medalist I.N.Wirt F. (The F stands for fabrikat ,(fabricated)

Figure 3: West Galician Commemoration Medal, reverse. Image from the author’s archive.

Reverse: A plain background on which is inscribed in two lines Fides Galiciae Secundae Jureiur Obsstricta Cracouiae die XVII Augusti MDCCXCVI .

Weight: 45.3 grams

Size: All medals are 48.58 mm in diameter

Type of Material: Silver

Variations: None known

Designer: Johann Nepomuk Wirt

Manufacturer: Vienna Hauptmunzampt (Mint Imperial Mint)

Number Issued: Unknown

Case: Unknown

Figure 4: West Galician Commemoration Medal ribbon. Image from the author’s archive.

Attachments: None

Miniature: None known

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