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1940-1945 War Cross with Clasp: Krijg te Land 1940-1945

Added by: Doc Riley
Description: This interesting bronze cross was created on 16 March 1944. Its central obverse medallion shows Queen Wilhelmina surrounded by the text "VOOR KRIJGSVERRICHTINGEN" (For war operations). The design stems from the earlier 1869 Expedition Cross and the reverse is plain but for the manufacturer's data (F.S.Inv Kon. Begeer Voorschoten). It was awarded for participation in general war operations and/or specific war actions which were recognized by small-lettered bars on the ribbon. In total 12 such bars were instituted, five for general operations and seven for specific actions. Several of the latter can be worn on one medal but only one bar for general operations is allowed per recipient. The general operations bars are : KRIJG TER ZEE 1940-1945 (War at Sea) OORLOGSVLUCHTEN 1940-1945 (War Flights) OORLOGSDIENST KOOPVAARDIJ / 1940-1945 (War Service, Merchant Navy) OORLOGSDIENST VISSERIJ / 1940-1945 (War Service, Fishery) KRIJG TE LAND 1940-1945 (War on Land) The special actions bars are : NEDERLAND MEI 1940 NEDERLANDSCH INDIË / 1941-1942 (Dutch East-India, now Indonesia), also found as NEDERLANDS-INDIË / 1941-1942 JAVAZEE 1941-1942 NOORD AFRIKA - ITALIË 1941-1942, changed on 6 January 1948 to MIDDELANDSE ZEE / 1940-1945 ARNHEM - NIJMEGEN / WALCHEREN 1944 NORMANDIË 1944 OOST-AZIË - ZUID-PACIFIC / 1942-1945
Date Added: 08-03-2009