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0264.0: Civil Defence Long Service Medal

Added by: megan
Description: This medal was instituted in March 1961 and awarded for 15 years continuous service in a variety of different organisations including the Civil Defence Corps (CD), the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS), the National Hospital Service Reserve (NHSR) and the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation. Qualification was extended in 1963 to Civil Defence personnel in Gibraltar, Hong Kong and Malta. As the original design had the initials of the qualifying organisations on it, a different reverse was required for Northern Ireland and for the overseas terriatories, this second design being used for all medals post 1968. As the organisations involved no longer exist, and personnel in the overseas territories are no longer eligible for UK awards, the medal is no longer awarded except in the Isle of Man, but could be revived if needed. Image courtesy of eMedals.
Date Added: 05-26-2019