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0262.0: Cadet Forces Medal

Added by: megan
Description: The Cadet Forces Medal is awarded to recognise long and efficient service by Commissioned Officers and non-commissioned adult instructors of the UK Cadet Forces (the Army Cadet Force, the Air Training Corps, the Sea Cadets and Combined Cadet Force) and to Commissioned Officers of the New Zealand Cadet Forces. It is awarded for 12 years service. The Cadet Forces Medal was issued to Officers and Instructors within the Australian Sea Cadet Corps/Naval Reserve Cadets, Australian Army Cadet Corps and Air Training Corps between 1950 and 1974, being superseded in 1999 by the Australian Cadet Forces Service Medal which was backdated to include service prior to 1999 not used for the award of the Cadet Forces Medal. Image courtesy UK Government.
Date Added: 05-19-2019