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0209.0: Royal Marines Meritorious Service Medal

Added by: omsa
Description: This was instituted on 15 January 1849 (although a few medals exist dated 1848!) for award to sergeants of at least 24 years service (later 20 years) for gallantry or distinguished service. Only 6 awards were made for gallantry before such awards were discontinued in favour of the new Conspicuous Gallantry Medal in 1874. Royal Warrants of 1916-1919 permitted 'instant' awards (which replaced the standard blue ribbon for a crimson one with white edges and central stripe) for specially meritorious service. All awards were discontinued in 1928 when the British Empire Medal was established, but it was reinstated in 1977 as a long service award. Image courtesy of eMedals.
Date Added: 03-11-2018