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017: Early Career Achievement Medal

Added by: Jerseyguy
Description: This prestigious NASA medal is awarded to any Government employee for unusual and significant performance during the first 10 years of an individual's early career (i.e., entry-level professional in a scientific, engineering, administrative professional or technical position) in support of the Agency. Performance is characterized by unusual initiative or a creative achievement that clearly demonstrates a significant contribution in the individual's discipline area that directly contributes to NASA's mission and goals. The contribution is significant, in that, for an employee who is at such an early phase of career, the contribution has substantially improved the discipline area. The criteria also include the following: The achievement yields high-quality results and/or substantial improvements to the discipline. Impact of the employee's achievement has significant importance relative to the discipline area. The achievement is perceived as outstanding or significant by peers and/or impacted target groups. Justification must describe the nominee's career history sufficiently to show that that he/she meets the definition of "early career" as defined herein.
Date Added: 07-31-2014