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IA Commendation Medal

Added by: Jerseyguy
Description: Authorized in 1972, at left is the first type by Wolf Brown, at center is an early Graco strike, anodized, and at right is a current strike by Graco - clearly different dies used in all 3 as evidenced by the differences visible to the naked eye: the size of the tines on the rake, the font on the word "Commendation", the face of the guy and the flora on the hills in the background, or lack thereof. The Wolf Brown ribbon is heavily watered with white stitches visible on the selvedges while the Graco ribbons appear to be from different weavers - almost an olive in the center as compared to the Kelly green on the right with a slight watering. The Wolf Brown strike is a 3-ring suspension while the 1st Graco is a narrow knob compared to a wider knob on the current issue.
Date Added: 06-11-2014