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Medal for Valor

Added by: SARC
Description: IRAN: Muzaffar al-din Shah, 1896-1907, AR medal, AH1318, Rabino plate 146 #68, medal for valor, arms of Iran / inscription and date inside beaded circle, with mount for wearing as usual. This award medal was instituted by Nasir al-Din Shah about AH1289 (1872) as this is the first published dated medal by Rabino. The first issues were crudely struck in both silver and gold, later during his reign, the medals were struck with machine presses with mounts at top. This award continued until the end of the Qajar dynasty with Ahmad Shah reducing the size of the medal and adding a bronze medal in addition to gold and silver. A superb specimen! Image courtesy of Stephen Album Rare Coins Many thanks!
Date Added: 12-17-2013