Figure 1: Tyrolean National Defense Jubilee Medal. Image from the author’s archive.

Introduction: This medal, the Tyrolean National Defense Jubilee Medal (Tiroler Landesverteidigungs Jubiläumsmedaille), was Awarded in the summer of 1909 as a commemorative medal to the veterans of 1859 who were still alive

Date Issued: Authorized November 4, 1908, and issued June 1909

Reason Issued: Founded by Emperor Franz Joseph I on November 4, 1908, on the occasion of the jubilee celebration of his 50-year reign. This medal was authorized for award to all persons, during the period May 17 through July 12, 1859, inclusive who were enrolled in one of the Landsschutsen Koerper (Provincial Scout Corps) or were transferred from them to the standing army for military service. During the festival of the Tyrolean Landesschutsen in the summer of 1909 these commemorative medals were distributed to the veterans of 1859 who were still alive.

Classes or Types: One

Interesting Facts:

  • This medal was issued to all of the surviving members of the Tyrol Vorarlberg Corp of the Landschutzen who were mobilized and served as members of the Landesgrenz from May 17 through July 12 when this unit participated in the defense of the Tyrol against the attempted invasion by Sardinia-Piedmont.
  • The medals were issued on the occasion of the Tyrolean Landschutzen festival in June 1909

Hallmarks: The Vienna Assay Office Hallmark on the edge of the medal

Design: A round medal with a raised rim and an attached wire loop eye

Figure 2: Tyrolean National Defense Jubilee Medal, obverse. Image courtesy of Dorotheum

Obverse: A bust of Emperor Franz Joseph I facing to the viewers right with a laurel wreath tied at the lower end with a bow on his head. Around the emperor’s head and following the contour of the medal is an inscription which reads: FRANC. IOS.I. D.G. IMP. AVSTR. REX. BOH. ETC. ET. AP. REX. HVNG. Translation: Franz Joseph I by the Grace of God Emperor of Austria King of Bohemia etc. and Apostolic King of Hungary. Below the bust of Franz Joseph’s is the name of the obverse engraver, R. Placht.

Figure 3: Tyrolean National Defense Jubilee Medal, reverse. Image courtesy of Dorotheum

Reverse:  On a plain background is a wreath composed of boughs (half laurel on the viewer’s right and half of oak on the viewer’s left). Within the laurel and oak wreath which is tied at the bottom with a bow is, in two lines, the dates 1859/1909. On the viewer’s right-hand side of the medal near the lower edge is the signature of the reverse medalist J.Prinz.

Weight: 17-19.2 grams

Size: 32 mm in diameter

Type of Material: Silver

Variations: None known


  • Obverse: Richard Placht
  • Reverse: Joseph Prinz

Manufacturer: The Vienna Hauptmunzamt (Mint)

Number Issued: 2,500 medals were manufactured and 597 were issued. In addition, 100 medals were given to the Ferdinand National Museum and 3 were given to the Minister of National Defense. The remaining 1,800 medals were returned to the National Mint and melted down.

Case: Unknown

Figure 4: Tyrolean National Defense Jubilee Medal ribbon. Image from the author’s archive.

Ribbon: A 40 mm wide white tri-fold ribbon with an 8 mm black bordered vermilion center stripe and 8 mm wide green edge stripes.

Attachments: None

Miniature: None known

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