Year Title Author(s)
2015 “Mongolian Awards for Herding” Ed Haynes
“The French Intervention in Mexico and the Empire of Maximilian” Paul Wood
“Order of the Golden Fleece (Austro-Hungarian)” Tim Brown
2014 “Campaign Medals of the Austro-Prussian War” Roger Salisch
“Collecting Order Insignia in the 21st Century” Robert Sadlek & Jeffrey Schramek
2013 “Portuguese Campaign Medals and Bars of the 19th and 20th Centuries” Russell Furtado
 “The Order of Grey-Town”  Alan Menke
 “The Imperial Order of the Starry Cross”  Tim Brown
2012  “Lisbon Museum Medal Collections”  Russell Furtado
 “Venezuelan Order of Simon Bolivar Documents”  Vicken Koundakjian
 “The Austrian Tyrolean Eagle Order”  Tim Brown
2011  “The World War II Campaign Crosses of Finland”   Jani Tiainen
 “The Imperial Austrian Order of the Red Cross”  Tim Brown
 “The Order of Lenin:  A Survey of Recent Developments”  Ed Muller
2010  Consideration of Geo-Political Targets of Opportunity in International Medal Collecting”  Ed Muller
 The Bamberger Horseman-The Career and Decorations of Stuka Pilot Dr. Ernst Kupfer”  Ed Naylor
 The Royal Hungarian Order of Saint Stephen, King and Apostle”  Tim Brown
2009  Peacekeeping Awards and Medals of the Italian Republic”  Edward J. Emering
 “Variations on a Red Theme: Soviet Inspiration for the Awards of Mongolia and Afghanistan”  Edward S. Haynes
2008  No Seminars
2007  Collar of Honor of Albania – 1925 to Present Day  E. J. Fischer
 Orders of the Central African Republic/Empire  E. J. Fischer
2006  “Orders and Medals of Finland: Orders of the Cross of Liberty and the White Rose”  Jani Tiainen
 “Orders and Medals of the First Austrian Repubic 1918-1938”  John McEwen
2005  “Researching Russian Civilian Medals”   Gregory Klimovich
 Reproduction of Polish Militaria 1945 to 2005”  Professor Z. P. Wesolowski
 “Campaign Medals of the Vatican”  David Benoit
2004  “How to Read Engagement Clasps of the 1870-71 Campaign Medal”  Eric Ludvigsen
 “Researching  Soviet Medals and Decorations”   Gregory Klimovich
 “The Stars of the Congo”  Vicken Koundakjian
2003  No Seminars
2002  “The Evolution of German Mounted Groups from 1850 to Present”  Jeff Floyd and Tony Colson
 “The History of Royal Afghan Awards”  Gustav Tammann