Year Title Author(s)
2015 “The U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke Honor Award” Dean Veremakis
“Always Outnumbered, But Never Outfought — The Philippine Medal of Valor
during the American Insular and Commonwealth Periods”
Joseph T.N. Suarez
“The Bombardier gets his medal 70 years after D-Day” Ron Fischer
2014 “Significant American Medal Fakes” Allen Menke
“Medals to Americans in the British Forces” Jeff Floyd
“Vera Cruz – The Battle & the Medals” Adam Rohloff
2013  “Posthumous USN, USCG, USCGR World War II Good Conduct Medals”  Dean Veramakis
 “Foreign Medal Awards to the U.S. Military”  Jeff Floyd and Bob Gill
2012  “Wham Bam and Thank You Uncle Sam”  Ron Fischer
 US Air Corps Badges”  Bill Emerson
 The Presidental Medal of Freedom”  Larry Watson
2011  “The Air Force Medal of Honor”   Col. Fred Borch USA Ret.
 The American Ribbon Scene – Turmoil in Paradise”  Lonny Borts
 “Exploring the  Medal for Merit”  Phil Schlegel
2010  “Some U.S. Army Groups that Include Gold  William Emerson
 Medal Photography in the Digital Age”  Adam Rohloff
 Update on USMC Records from WWI and WWII”  Frank Smith
2009  “The Institute of Heraldry – How a Medal is Developed and Produced”  Charles P. McDowell
 The Other Half of the Story – Once Designed & Accepted, How a Medal is Developed and Produced”  S. Lee Graves
2008  “New Developments in Federal Civilian Medals”  Charles V. Mungo
 “U.S. Officer Service Files 1900-1939”  Adam Rohloff
 “Personnel Files of WWII Casualties”  Frank Smith
 Researching U.S. Medals at Archives II (College Park)”  Tim Frank
2007  Collecting Attributed Army Campaign Medals, 1898 to 1917”  Adam G. Rohloff
 “Researching the Awards of General Robert F. Sink, USA”  James D. Bigley
 Non-Medal Books for Medal Collectors”  Jeffrey B. Floyd
2006  New Research Opportunities at the National Archives”  Adam Rohloff
 Badges of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the USA”  Barry Weaver
 “Secrets of Researching United States Medals”  Ron Fischer
2005  “The Design and Development Process for New Medals”  Col. Charles V. Mungo
 Part IV: U. S. Army Badges”  Bill Emerson
 “World War II Documents”  Ron Fischer
2004  “United States Marksmanship Awards: Part III”  William Emerson
 “State Medals for Service During War or National Emergency”  Doug  Boyce
“The U. S. Army Certificate of Merit”  Ron Fischer
2003  Unknown
2002 “The History of United States Marksmanship Awards  Bill Emerson
 Numbered Strikes of United States Campaign Medals”  Allen Menke
 “Prisoner of War Medal Groups”  Ron Fischer
2001  “Badges of the United Spanish War Veterans”  Barry Weaver
 World War II Official U. S. Army Purple Heart Engraving Styles”  Kurt Stauffer and Frank Smith
 “POW Awards and Their Paraphernalia”  Ron Fischer
2000  “U. S. Award Documents of World War II”  Tim Nier
 “An Introduction to Air Force Awards of the Korean War”  Braxton Bradford
 “U. S. Medals for the Boxer Rebellion”  Ron Fischer
1999  “Philippine Insurrection Medals”  Ron Fischer
 “U. S. Coast Guard Medals”  Nick McDowell
 “Photographing U. S. Good Conduct Medals”  Adam Rohloff