Walter Kinast: Der Tapferkeit.  Die Königlich-Bayerische Militär-Verdienst-Medaille im deutsch-französischen Krieg 1870/71.  Taten-und Ehrenbuch.  Dekorierte der nach Frankreich ausmarschierten bayerischen Armee.  (For Bravery.  The Royal Bavarian Military Merit Medal in the German-French War 1870/71.  Deeds and Honor Book.  The Decorated of the Bavarian Army who Marched to France.)  1000 pages with 89 color and black and white illustrations, format 25 x 17 x 7.5 cm, hard cover.  Written in German.  Phaleristischer Verlag Michael Autengruber, Konstanz 2016.  ISBN 978-3-937064-25-3.  Price € 184.00.

After many years of dedicated research by Walter Kinast, the deeds of soldiers who were awarded the Bavarian Military Merit Medal (Bravery Medal) in Gold and Silver for action during the German-French War of 1870/71 are brought to light in one source.  Prior to this publication, collectors and researchers had to rely on various obscure sources for such research.  Now, similar to the publication “Bayern’s goldenen Ehrenbuch”, which listed all of the 1914-1918 recipients of the Bavarian Bravery Medal and their citation information, researchers have a singular source regarding the 212 Gold, and 799 (800) Silver 1870/71 Bavarian Military Merit Medal (Bravery Medal) recipients.

The book covers in detail the citation information regarding the Bavarian recipients of the Gold Military Merit Medal, and the citation information regarding the Bavarian recipients of the Silber Military Merit Medal.  There is also a listing (without citation information) of non-Bavarian Gold Military Merit Medal recipients.  In addition, there is also a listing (without citation information) of non-Bavarian Silber Military Merit Medal recipients.  There is a listing of all awards to Bavarian recipients in chronological order, a listing of all awards to non-Bavarian recipients in chronological order, a listing of all Bavarian recipients by unit, a listing of non-Bavarian recipients by unit, a summation of awards by date for Bavarian recipients, a summation of awards by date for non-Bavarian recipients, a summation of awards to Bavarian recipients by unit, a summation of non-Bavarian recipients by unit, and a final summation of all awards.

Excerpts from the official lists (Verordnungs-Blätter) of the Bavarian War Ministry are listed, as are statutes.  There is also a publication from the 100 year jubilee of the Military Merit Medal.  In addition, there is a “bonus” section listing a publication regarding the 49 Knights of the Military Max Joseph Order who were awarded the Order for the 1870/71 War.  This listing has photos of the recipients as well as their biographical information.  A brief section regarding the War Commemorative Medal for the 1870/71 Campaign, and a listing of 1870/71 battles, is also included.

There is an extensive listing of sources used by the author to research this work.  At the end of the publication are a limited number of color and black and white plates with examples of the medals, large medal bars, award documents, and recipient photographs.  Inside of the rear cover is a small color map of the 1870/71 battle locations in France.

Mr. Kinast has done a remarkable job in compiling all of this data and is to be commended for his work.  I highly recommend this book to researchers of military history and military awards.  With only 100 volumes currently in print, this book is certain to be difficult to find and much sought after in the coming years.

– Lorin


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  1. I’m glad that the book also finds interest outside of Bavaria.

    Best regards
    Walter Kinast

    • Servus Walter,

      Thank you for all of your hard work regarding the research and publication of this fine book.



  2. Hello Lorin,

    I am glad that my book has found the long way across the pond to you. I have followed a path that probably does not often exist. In order to prove my award figures, I have printed the excerpts from the ordinance sheets, so that each reader can read the sources in the individual fact descriptions. The article on the 100th anniversary of the medal was in all probability compiled by the then war archive, since no author was specified at the time of publication. He is so interesting because it also the award numbers are called from 1794 and the numbers I have determined for 1870/71 be confirmed.

    With all the numbers, it should not be forgotten that this book, as I mentioned in the foreword, should be a memorial to all those who, out of patriotism, have given their life true to the bavarian motto “In Treue fest”.

    greetings from Bavaria

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