It has been over 4 years since I wrote about the Royal Navy’s Narrow Suspender Long Service & Good Conduct medal introduced in 1875.  As that blog stated, some of those medals still had the years of service engraved on the edge.  On 5 March 1877 a medal naming contract was awarded to a Mr Pinches, who had quoted sixpence per medal compared to Messrs Hunt & Roskill who were charging twice that for the hand engraved ones.  Those impressed medals on rare occasions have the service years impressed upon the rim.  But the vast majority of the hundreds being rewarded were issued without years regardless of if the sailor or marine had served the once mandatory 20 years or longer.  Hundreds were being rewarded, engraved or impressed, to men who had served between 10 & 20 years.  The last known medal with years on the edge was issued in October 1878, and from then on all medals were impressed – name, rate, and ship (or Marine Division, or H.M. Coast Guard), with no mention of the years served.

The above two examples show a medal to Thomas Bunce issued in 1881, showing the letters at the time being heavier and thicker, when compared to the medal to William Dart issued in 1895 by which time the lettering had become thinner with even thickness of all parts of the letter.

The OMSA database for RN/RM LSGC medals will now also include known impressed and engraved extant medals. The possible catagories are as follows:

ANCHOR – near complete roll by Douglas Morris with extant medals marked as such
WIDE – near complete roll by Douglas Morris, with extant medals marked as such
1848 – select 100 WIDE medals with 1848 under the bust of Queen Victoria, extant medals marked as such
NARR YRS – 1875-1877 extant engraved narrow suspender with years on the edge
IMP YRS – 1877-1878 extant impressed narrow suspender with years on edge
ENGRAVED – 1875-1877 extant engraved medals with out years on the edge
IMPRESSED – 1877-1903 extant impressed medals with out years on the edge

The addition of almost 1700 extant ENGRAVED and IMPRESSED medals is with thanks to David Morris for providing me his list of Victorian narrow suspender LSGC medals (RN only) he has recorded over the many years he has collected. His listing does not give date of issue, and only indicates if it was a single medal or within a group (inclusive of pair). As time goes by, I will try to add date of issue and further medal details. As with all databases this is a work in progress, and will evolve as medals are discovered and time permits.





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  1. Quick note to update the details of the Wide Roll. You show the Wide to Geo. Gladman as being extent and sold at Spink in the 1990s. I purchased this and the accompanying Baltic Medal in 2009 at the Aldershot Military Fair, and so I can confirm it is extant and in a private collection.

  2. Pick,

    RN LSGC Wide & Baltic Medal to John Damerell Ships Cpl HMS Queen sold 15 Aug 2021 for £750 on ebay. His RN LSGC Wide is noted on database but not his Baltic. He is on the Baltic Medal roll as Ship’s Cpl HMS St George

  3. Pick
    Ref the Anchor to William Mason 26 Mar 1840, for the record I have the NGS Lissa for him.
    There are two by the name on the roll but the other is recorded as in the RM Museum

  4. The following have appeared at auction and not on database

    George MOLE Gnr’s mate HMS Cambridge. Entitled to Abbysinia HMS Daphne Have his papers

    Wm.G. BONDS Quartermaster HMS Northampton have his papers

    John MOONEY Ship’s Corp HMS Amethyst. He is on database but I have his papers

    Will email copies of papers if required. None of these are with me

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