Figure 1: Maximillian Golden Honor Medal. Images courtesy of Dorotheum


The Maximilian Golden Honor Medal, Type I (Mazimillian I Goldener Gnadenpfenning) was apparently issued as a reward for special merit in support of the emperor and his dynastic goals.

Date Issued: Circa 1508-1519

Reason Issued: If the reason for issuing later medals which were similar to this medal can be taken as a guide then this medal was issued as a reward for special merit in support of the emperor and his dynastic goals.

Classes or Types:  One

Interesting Facts: The word “grace” as used in the title of this medal had a different meaning when it was issued than it does today. Thus “grace” should be interpreted as “honor” thus this medal’s title is in today’s terms the Maximillian I Gold Honor Medal.

Hallmarks: None known

Design:  A Round medal with loop suspension eyes at the top.


Figure 2: Maximillian Golden Honor Medal, obverse. Images courtesy of Dorotheum

Obverse: A bust of Maximilian I in armor facing to the viewers right and wearing a crown. Around the edge of the medal is inscribed MAX. RO. IMP. SEMPER. AVGVSTVS. ARCHIDV. AVST.   (Maximillian I Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria).

Figure 3: Maximillian Golden Honor Medal, reverse. Images courtesy of Dorotheum

Reverse: In the center of the medal is a mounted knight, around which are shields and images of soldiers. Around the edge of the medal is inscribed: PURIVM. OZ. EVROPE. PROVINCIARVM. REX. ET. PRINCEPS. POTENTISSIVS

Weight: Unknown

Size: Unknown

Type of Material: Gold plated silver

Variations: None known

Designer: Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown

Number Issued: Unknown

Case:  Unknown

Ribbon: None, The medal is suspended from a three stranded gold chain which connects to the eyes at the top of the medal

Attachments: None

Miniature: None known

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