The attachment of the so called “Swords on Ring” to order decorations embodied in all cases a symbol for those that had been awarded decorations for merit in war and for bravery once being promoted to a higher grade of an order. Without this attribute, the sign of being that brave soldier would have been lost.

Only the Kingdom of Saxony had it in reverse among all the German states. Initially the “Swords on Ring” were awarded to those that received the symbol of bravery, swords, to an existing civil order decoration. Saxony finally got in line with all the other German states in 1870.

Golden Grand Cross Star with Swords

Figure 1: Albert Order Golden Grand Cross Star with Swords as awarded for war merit or bravery.

Grand Cross Star with Swords on Ring

Figure 2: Albert Order Grand Cross Star with Swords on Ring.

Only a few of these extremely rare decorations were issued between the Albert Order and the higher ranking and even more rare Civil Merit Order. Additional information on the Albert Order can be found on the web at

I would like to pose the question here if any of the readers know of the whereabouts of these decorations!

  1. Did this only happen with Type 2 (post-1876) awards?

  2. Thank you… I’ve only found Type 2 examples so far. This will help me know what to look for, and maybe further enhance my website (so far I have just Type 1, Type 1 with Swords, Type 2 and Type 2 with Swords – the swords all being the regular crossed behind the badge sort), maybe there’s scope to add a couple more pages!

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