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The Netherlands

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Antwerpsche Medaille 1832.
Date added: 08-18-2005

beloningspenning Palembang 1821
Date added: 08-08-2005

Cross for Justice and Freedom
Date added: 08-25-2006

Decoration for Order and Peace
Date added: 02-14-2005

Expedition Cross
Date added: 04-16-2009

Expedition Cross
Date added: 02-14-2005

House Order of Orange, commander
Date added: 03-28-2005

Inauguration Medal 1948
Date added: 02-28-2012

Metalen Kruis 1830-1831
Date added: 08-18-2005

Military Order of William
Date added: 04-12-2005

Date added: 08-18-2005

Mobilisatiekruis 1914-1914
Date added: 08-18-2005
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