Figure 1: Golden Proprietor’s Jubilee Flag Medal for his Infantry Regiment No. 1, obverse. Image from the author’s archive.

This medal: the Goldene Inhaber Jubiläumsfahenmedaille für Seinem Infanterie Regiment Nr.1 was issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph’s command of the 1st Infantry Regiment as its Inhaber (Proprietor)

Date Issued: November 30, 1898

Reason Issued: To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph’s command of the 1st Infantry Regiment as its Inhaber (Proprietor)

Classes or Types: One

Interesting Facts:

  • There are 10 medals of this type which were issued to Austrian Units on this date and 1 additional medal was issued in 1904
  • This medal was to be attached to and suspended from the Regimental flag

Hallmarks: None Known

Design: An oval medal with an attached handle shaped eye

Obverse: On a plain field is the bust of Emperor Franz Joseph I in a Colonels uniform, (regimental commander) facing to the viewers right and wearing an overcoat. Around his neck can be seen the badge of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Behind his neck is a small oval Habsburg coat of arms surmounted by the imperial crown. In front of the bust at chest height is the inscription FRANZ. JOSEPH I. On the lower edge of the medal is the name of the engraver, Breithut Fec (Peter Breithut)

Reverse:  A plain background in the center of which is an inscription in 6 lines: DER/ INHABER/ SEINEM/INFANTERIE/ REGIMENTE NR.1/ 1848-1898. Translation: The proprietor of his infantry Regiment Number 1 1848-1898.  Around the inscription is an oval wreath composed of two boughs, the one on the viewers left is of Laurel and the one on the right is oak. They are tied at the bottom with a ribbon.

Weight: 700 grams (200 Ducats)

Size: 108 mm in height and 85 mm in width

Type of Material: 

  • The presentation medals were in gold
  • Medals for everyday use were gilt bronze

Variations: None known

Designer: Peter Breithut

Manufacturer: The Vienna Hauptmunzamt (Mint)

Number Issued: 1

Case: Unknown

Figure 2: War ribbon. Image from the author’s archive.

Ribbon: This medal was suspended from the regiment’s flagpole by means of a 50 cm long and 10 cm wide war ribbon.

Attachments: None

Miniature: None known

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