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    Megan, Many thanks indeed – owe you a beer! Regards, Owain

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    Apologies my ‘cut and paste’ has been garbled by the forum ‘mechanics’ – I’ll try and find another means of including the list. Owain

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    Fellow members

    A great book and a long awaited addition to a collector’s library. Sadly it is not a bilingual book and I think that this will limit its appeal outside of the Arabic speaking world which is a shame as it is a comprehensive work – I detail below a summary I have compiled of its contents. I would also note that in most instances there are no reverse images and in part there is a slight confusion of state and non-state awards. Notwithstanding these observations I would congratulate the author for his success in getting his research into print – it is always good to have a definitive reference book which I would commend to those interested in the region.

    Syria – Orders
    1.Order of Omayyad, 1935, Three Classes (1-3)
    2.Order of Military Honour, 1955, Five Classes (Sash & 1-4)
    3.Order of Honour of Syrian Merit, Type 1, 1926, Four Classes (1-4)
    4.Order of Syrian Merit, Type 2, 1927-34, Four Classes (1-4)
    5.Order of Syrian Merit, Type 2, 1934-53, Five Classes (Distinguished & 1-4)
    6.Order of Syrian Merit, Type 3, 1953, Six Classes (Distinguished & 1-5)
    7.Order of Syrian Merit, Type 3, 1971 for the Air Force, One Class
    8.Order of Devotion, Type 1, 1935-1953, Four Classes (1-4)
    9.Order of Devotion, Type 2, 1953-2013, Six Classes (Distinguished & 1-5)
    10.Order of Devotion, Type 3, 2013, Six Classes (Distinguished & 1-5)
    11.Hero of The Republic Medal, 1973, One Class
    12.Order of the Syrian Arab Army, 1962, One Class
    13.Order of the Arab Army Silver Jubilee, 1971, One Class
    14.Order of the Arab Army Golden Jubilee, 1995, One Class
    15.Order of War, 1953, Five Classes (Distinguished & 1-4)
    16.Order of The War Wounded, 1953, One Class
    17.Order of Bravery, 1964, Three Classes
    18.Order of Long and Exemplary Service, 1962, Three Types, One Class
    19.Order of Training, 1964, Three Classes
    20.Order of the Syrian Navy Golden Jubilee, 1998, Three Classes
    21.Order of Yarmouk, 1964, One Class
    22.Order of The Syrian Family, 1952, Six Classes (Distinguished & 1-5)
    23.Order of Knowledge, 1949, Three Classes (Distinguished & 1-2)
    24.Order of 8th of March, 1963, One Class
    25.Order of 6th of October, 1948, One Class
    26.Order of Protecting The 8th of March Revolution,1969, One Class
    27.Medal of the Silver Jubilee of the 8thMarch Revolution, 1988, Three Classes (1-3)
    28.Order of Friendship and Cooperation, 1987, One Class
    29.Order of Heroism (Union of the Revolution’s Youth), 1973, One Class
    30.Medal of the Union of the Revolution’s Youth, Date Unknown, One Class
    31.Order of the Pioneers of the Ba’ath Homs Branch), 1974, Two Classes
    32.Medal of the Muhsiniya School, Date Unknown, One Class – Non-State Award
    33.Medal of National College of Homs, 1961, One Class – Non-State Award
    34.Order of Sukainiya, 1948, One Class – Non-State Award
    35.Badge of the Highest Level of Knowledge, Date Unknown – Non-State Award
    36.Medal of the Source of Gratitude School, date Unknown – Non-State Award
    37.Order of the Syrian Railways, 1925, Two Classes (1-2)
    38.Order of the First Syrian Red Crescent Conference, 1948, One Class
    39.Order of the Damascus International Fair, 1954, Two Classes (1-2) – Non-State Award
    40.Order of the Third Damascus International Fair, 1956, Three Classes (1-3) – Non-State Award
    41.Order of the Ministry of Tourism, Date Unknown, Once Class
    42.Medal of the Syrian Swimming Union, 2015, One Class – Non-State Award
    43.Order of the Army Anniversary for Syrian News, 2017, One Class
    44.Order of Merit and Apprciation (The Great Syrian Honour), 1950, One Class
    45.Orde of Seriousness, Date Unknown, One Class – Non-State Award
    46.Order of Honour, Date Unknown, One Class – Non-State Award
    47.Order of Customs, 2006, One Class – tbc
    48.Order of the Nour Damascus Congregation, Date Unknown, One Class – Non-State Award
    49.Order of the Greater Syrian Orient – Date Unknown, One Class – Masonic
    50.Order of the Economic Group for International Investment Promotion, Date Unknown, One Class – Non-State Award

    United Arab Republic
    1.Order of the Anniversary of the UAR, 1958, One Class
    2.Decoration of Victory, 1958, One Class
    3.Medal of the Army Day, 1959, One Class
    4.Medal of the Silver Jubilee of Air Force, 1958, Two Classes (1&2) – an Egyptian award
    5.Medal of the Navy Day, 1960, Two Classes (1-2) – an Egyptian award
    6.Decoration of the Republic, Two Classes (1-2) – an Egyptian award
    7.Order of the Star of Honour, One Class – an Egyptian award
    8.Medal of the War Wounded, One Class – an Egyptian award
    9.Decoration of Military Duty, Three Classes – an Egyptian award
    10.Decoration of Military Courage, Three Classes – an Egyptian award
    11.Decoration of Training, Three Classes – an Egyptian award
    12.Medal of Long and Exemplary Service – an Egyptian award
    13.Order of the Military College, Once Class – an Egyptian non-state award
    14.Order of the Ministry of Education, Date Unknown, Three Classes (Distinguished & 1-2) – Non-State Award
    15.Order of the Directorate of Physical Education, Date Unknown, One Class, Non-State Award
    16.Medal of the Industrial and Agricultural Market, 1959, One Class -Non-State award
    17.Order of the Maamoun High School in Aleppo, Date Unknown, One Class – Non-State Award
    18.Order of the Teams of Cubs in the Syrian Territory, 1960, One Class – Non-State Award
    19.Order of the School Championship in the Northern Territory, 1960, One Class – Non-State Award

    Arab Syria
    1.Order of Renaissance, 1917, Four Classes (actually 6 – Diamond & 1-5) – a Kingdom of the Hijaz State award
    2.Order of Ma’an, 1919, One Class – a Kingdom of Hijaz State award
    3.Order of Commemoration of Palestine, 1951, One Class
    4.Order of the Silver Jubilee of the Establishment of the Palestine Liberation Army, 1982, Two Classes (1-2)
    5.Order of Peace in Lebanon, 1977, Two Classes (1-2)
    6.Order of the Air Force Union of Syria , Egypt & Libya), 1975, One Class
    7.Decoration of Cooperation (between Syria & Iraq), 1969, Two Classes – an Iraqi award
    8.Order of Syria and Iraq Campaigns, 1941, One Class – a Jordanian award
    9.Medal of the Ramadan War, 1973, One Class
    10.Medal of the Election of Syria and Lebanon Champions for Physical Beauty, 1955, One Class – Non-State Award
    11.Order of the Arab School Sports Tournament, 1952, One Class – Non-State Award
    12.Order of the Third Arab School Tournament, 1966, One Class – Non-State Award
    13.Order of the Fifth Arab Sports Tournament, 1976, One Class – Non-State Award

    French Orders
    1.Syria Cilicia Levant Medal, 1922
    2.Legion of Honour, 1802, Five Classes (1-5)
    3.Croix De Guerre – Overseas Theatres, 1921
    4.Medal of the Wounded, 1916
    5.Order of Agricultural Merit, 1883, Three Classes (1-3)

    Seven pages of six insignia per page

    Syrian-Russian Medals
    Syrian Russian Combat Friendship Medal, Date Unknown, One Class
    Six pages of six medals & badges per page

    Syria (Other) State Medals
    1.Saint Jean D’Acre Medal, 1941, Six Classes – Ottoman State Award
    2.Naval General Service Medal, clasp ‘Syria’, 1848, One Class – British State Award
    3.United Nations Medal, Disengagement Observer Force Golan, 1974, One Class
    4.United Nations Medal, Supervision of Truce in Syria, 1974, One Class
    5.United Nations Medal for Syria, 2012, One Class
    6.The Syrian Medal for the Ottoman Period, Date Unknown, One Class – Non-State Award

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    This is perhaps a composite piece? The gilt suspension "ribbon" is similar if not identical to that used by the Tunisian Order of Glory (Nishan Iftikhar) and the central disc is similar to Moroccan pieces. Both lines of text are the same as those seen in the Sherifien Al Alouite Order, "Al Jalala Youssoufine" (His Youssefine Majesty) but on blue not red enamel. As this is I suspect a French manufactured piece the Arabic script is not very clear (the manufacturer just copying unclear artwork?). Thus the central disc is of Moroccan origin. The five pointed star with laurel and ok leaves is not an Arabic design. Is the piece an unidentified modern Moroccan award, a mule ( combination of various unrelated elements), a trial piece?



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    Clyde, Thanks – I was sent them to wear as a membership medal and a literary medal – unfortunately I have yet to attend an OMSA Convention and thus wear them! Do you have images of the current equivalent miniatures and if so how can I obtain the same? Many thanks, Owain

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    Dear Clyde, I attach an image of the two miniatures. Regards, Owain
    OMSA Miniatures.jpg

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    Dear Clyde, I have two OMSA miniatures from many years ago – basically the OMSA badge suspended from a red (membership?) ribbon and a light blue (literary?) ribbon – have these been replaced? Kind regards, Owain

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    Jack, This is a souvenir medallet or similar the script reads "FATAH" which is the reverse acronym for the Movement for the Liberation of Palestine – this is repeated in full on the lower rim of the medal but with the addition of the word, "Movement for the Liberation of the Nation of Palestine". It may have been silvered and dates perhaps from the late 1960’s /1970’s.FATAH is (was) the primary Palestinian "political entity" and its members now lead the Palestinian National Authority. Kind regards, Owain.

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