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    The Proceedings will be published in English and launched at the Colloquium’s closing session on Nov. 23rd 2014.
    Best wishes from Portugal,

    in reply to: Silver Medalha Da Vitoria (real or fake?) #16095

    I’m not a specialist in the Portuguese «Medalha da Vitória» but as far as I know the medals issued, official and non-official, were all in bronze. There were besides the manufacturer quoted – F. G. da Costa – two other, who produced medals with slight differences. On the last image at the link you quoted, the one on the left is, at it is correctly stated, a modern copy made by Butler, of Lisbon, although I do not know if it is marked as such.
    The one on the far right – in silver (?) – is definitly not an original in the sense given to this expression by OMSA’s excellent Code of Ethics, so it is a fake, unless marked otherwise.
    Please see Portuguese Phalereristic Academy website
    Best wishes,
    J.V. de Braganza

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)