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    jb floyd

    Most sources on WWI local medals will mention its existence, but there isn’t any source I can think of that really gives you chapter and verse about its creation, method of issue, etc.

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    jb floyd

    This engraving style is being used today by a faker in central Florida. He uses all caps, usually includes "KIA" or "POW" and usually includes a date. He sells through flea markets in the area and sells quite cheaply, so these things have infested the market.

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    jb floyd

    This is the Third Division Association’s medal for WWI service, given to the association’s members.

    jb floyd

    The ribbon remains the same Legionnaire has a plain ribbon; officer has a small Legion of Merit device; commander has the device with silver wings; chief commander has the device with gold wings)

    My reference to "Citation" in my list refers to whether there is a full citation in the General Order. Most Legion of Merit awards published in War Department General Orders did not have citations published. THe recipients got full citations, but they were’nt published.

    jb floyd

    These are the Legion of Merit, commander, to French Army officers published in War Department General Orders. There may be others awarded by other Headquarters.
    The format is Name/Rank/Award/Citation/General Order number/year.

    Benoiton Rene A., Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 64 (1945),
    Bergeron Paul J., Gen Div, LoM (Comm), Yes, 87 (1944),
    Beynet Etienne, Gen, LoM (Comm), Yes, 82 (1944), French Msn to US
    Bidault Georges, LoM (Comm), No, 83 (1945), French Min For Affairs
    Bouscat Rene, Gen, LoM (Comm), Yes, 6 (1945), CoS French Air Force
    Catroux Georges, Gen, LoM (Comm), Yes, 87 (1944),
    Chaillet Claude P.A., Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 64 (1945), 1st
    Chomel Raymond, Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 39 (1946),
    Chouteau Rene, Maj Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 35 (1946),
    Cornet, Edgar, Maj Gen, LoM (Comm), No, DA27/47,
    de Saint-Didier A.M.B., Maj Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 82 (1946),
    de la Boisse, Jacques, Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, DA18/53,
    de Larminat Edgar, Gen Corps, LoM (Comm), Yes, 15 (1945),
    de Beauchesne Geoffrey, Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 151 (1946),
    de Boysson Rene C., General, LoM (Comm), No, 63 (1946),
    de Vernejoul Jacques J.F., Gen Div, LoM (Comm), No, 24 (1946),
    de Tassigny Jean deL., Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 90 (1944),
    Delmas Jacques, Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 40 (1946),
    Delmas Jules M.V., Gen Div, LoM (Comm), No, 89 (1946),
    Des Bordes Andre G.B., Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 28 (1946),
    Devinck Paul A.G., Gen Bde, LoM (Comm), Yes, 70 (1943),
    Doyen Paul A., Gen Corps, LoM (Comm), No, 83 (1945),
    Duval, Raymond F., Gen d’Corps, LoM (Comm), No, DA59/53,
    Furby Charles J., Maj Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 106 (1946),
    Granier Georges V.A., Maj Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 44 (1946),
    Guillaume Augustin, Gen, LoM (comm), No, DA86/54, ,
    Koeltz Louis M., Gen Corps, LoM (Comm), Yes, 70 (1943),
    Koenig Marie J.P., Gen Corps, LoM (Comm), Yes, 5 (1945),
    Koenig Marie J.P., Gen Div, LoM (Comm), Yes, 3 (1945),
    Le Coguiec Marie I.E., Maj Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 30 (1946),
    Le Clerc Francois, Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), Yes, 70 (1943),
    Legentilhomme Paul L., Gen Corps, LoM (Comm), No, 27 (1946),
    Leyer Roger A., Gen Corps, LoM (Comm), No, 19 (1946),
    Martin Henry, Gen Corps, LoM (Comm), Yes, 87 (1944),
    Masnou Francois H., Gen Bde, LoM (Comm), No, 43 (1946),
    Mollard Amedee J.J.J., Gen Div, LoM (Comm), No, 45 (1945),
    Molle Marie E.A., Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 64 (1945),
    Moulias Daniel, Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 39 (1946),
    Petit Andrew L.M., Col, LoM (comm), No, DA3/54,
    Regnault Jean C.L., Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), No, 63 (1946),
    Rivet Louis P., Brig Gen, LoM (Comm), Yes, 87 (1944),
    Rotival Maurice E.H., Colonel, LoM (Comm), No, 33 (1946),
    Sevez Francois L., Gen Div, LoM (Comm), No, 19 (1946),
    Valluy Jean E., Gen Bde, LoM (Comm), No, 64 (1945),

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    jb floyd

    I don’t anyone who has bought from him, but I’ve also not seen any chatter about problems with him or his items. So, not much info here.

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    jb floyd

    He is persistent and doesn’t seem to be concerned about the absence of a response.

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    jb floyd

    Not much value in the medal collecting world, no.

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    jb floyd

    It’s a prize from a German sport shooting competition. This style of prize medal (which will often have the prize level and/or town engraved on the reverse) was in use from the 1870s thtough the mid-1930s. The ribbon looks like it was originally green and white, which would indicate its origin was in Saxony.

    German shooting clubs were very common and they held regular competitions, so the medals are commonly found.

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    jb floyd

    As of Monday morning, 11 July we have the following numbers for the convention in Jacksonville:

    121 registrants
    19 family members
    74 members taking 91 bourse tables
    11 competitive exhibits, 1 non-competitive, plus the OMSA exhibit

    Some procrastinaors will check in over the next month (and one or two at the door), but this is an excellent start. If you haven’t registered, please do so and come join us in Jacksonville.

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    jb floyd

    The medals are fairly straightforward:

    Order Virtuti Militari
    Independence Cross
    Order Polonia Restituta
    Cross of Valor, with 3 bars
    Cross of Merit
    Commemorative Medal for the War 1918-1921]
    Medal for the 10th Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence

    The badge above the ribbons is the badge of the Inspector General of the Armed Forces.

    The identification of the regimental badges below the medals will take someone with better eyes than mine. Polish badges fairly intricate designs and many are distinguished by color and small details. Perhaps one of our Polish specialists can decipher those.

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    jb floyd

    None of my sources list criteria for the "1895" clasp, although they agree that the campaign dates started on 8 December 1894.

    The original expeditionary force was reinforced by an additional 15,000 combat troops in August 1895. This second landing may have triggered the need for the "1895" bar, although it seems illogical to add a bar for those who came late to the party and none for those who served for the entire time in a killer environment. French combat losses were around 25 killed, but several thousand men died of disease.

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    jb floyd

    Very nice!

    Don’t have much time to identify them all, but is that orange one the house order of Orange (NL)???

    More likely the Moroccan Order of Ouisam Alaouite. A better fit with his other French awards and what looks like the Spanish Medal for Peace in Morocco.

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    jb floyd

    I had a pendant-only of this medal in white metal for years before I knew that most of the others were bronze. Such is the problem of no books, no internet and a small number of other collectors.

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    jb floyd

    This is the pendant of the Order of Lafayette. This type was in use between the World Wars. The original order apparently died out in WWII, but a similarly-named order was created in 1958. This badge was used by the first order.

    Membership criteria are unclear. It was worn on a blue ribbon with red stripes on each side.

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