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    Danish et al,

    Sorry for resurrecting the forum but I love to ID medals.

    The first miniature medal is the Order of Merit of the Republic of the Ukraine, Third Class, civil/without swords. So it is "real".

    The neck decoration has nothing to do with blood donations or Belgium; it is the cross of the Order of St. Stanislaus, in this case the false order bearing that name instituted by Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki, who claimed not only to be a Count, but the President of the Republic of Poland in exile. The six-pointed gold breast star belongs to the same organization. It is "not real" by any definition–even if you count the old Order of St. Stanislaus as an extant order of chivalry, say, under the protection of the Russian Imperial House, Sokolnicki had no legtimate right to give it.

    I could probably id more of the medals if I could get a hold of a larger picture.


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