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    Looks like a money clip, but, would need to see a better close-up picture of the insignia details.

    Connaughtranger :D

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    Just a quick question, have all our posts, etc.. etc.. to the old OMSA been deleted?

    I lost the coloured ribbon bar under my name showing the medals I received in service with the Irish military.

    and even today when I try to log in on the Unknown Items page I get a message telling me I must

    create anew my user name and password, when I exit this and go to the main page I can log in with no problems.


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    Hallo Lukas, :D

    even taking into account the information you have provided, I have never seen a generic badge
    award-able to all Allied soldiers regardless of nationality who were wounded in WW1, the cost alone would have been prohibitive for France to even contemplate such an award.

    Still nothing says it was an official award for that evidence of Regulations, criteria, Issuing decree etc..etc would have to be found, and if it was an official French award then record of it would be available in some French Archive.

    So far I have never encountered any picture of a post WW1 soldier be it officer or man wearing such an award either on military or civil attire and I have looked at many pictures, nor does the item in question turn up in groups of soldiers medals
    of any of the Allied Nationalities.

    Anything posted on a site selling military awards and insignia and included in the description area,has to be taken with a grain of salt, remember the old maxim buy the item, not the story.

    Even the links to the awards you show, have two distinct variations in ribbons, one medal comes complete with crossed artillery cannon, I suppose out there are two crossed rifle versions for the infantry, (and maybe two crossed swordfish for the navy :P)

    As an example even today, "Polish" versions of the WW1 Inter-allied Victory medal in two sizes, can be found, even though no such item ever existed officially.

    So until one turns up in pictures, or one turns up with credible paperwork of issue,

    then in my opinion this item has to remain as an unofficial French Red Cross Commemorative item.

    Kevin. :D

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    I am fairly certain this item was not for presentation for being wounded while serving in the military
    during WW1, if it were it would be seen on many period early post war pictures,
    it also does not feature in the O.M.S.A. Publication:-

    " Wound Medals, Insignia And Next of Kin Awards of The Great War"

    By Arthur H. Houston and Vicken Koundakjian, published in 1995.

    Its more than likely a commemorative Red Cross item, but as to an official piece or unofficial piece,
    no idea as yet.

    Connaught Ranger

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    Can we get a better view of the ribbon to my eyes some blue in there, so Bavaria?

    These are avidly collected in Germany I believe.

    Many thanks for the info regarding the items on the hat, I have passed the info onto the owner
    Is it possible the hat is a put together for tourists to buy?

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    all of the 16 medal ribbons are identified on this link.

    France must be one of the few non-communist, non-socialist or non-fascist countries to honor labor on a national level?

    I believe Germany by States also honours its work force, both pre WW2 and post WW2 for 21 years service.

    Connaught Ranger

    Hallo Dick, :D

    thanks for that titbit, any info on when, what criteria it was given for?

    Kevin. :D

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    Connaughtranger signing in from Transylvania. :D

    My name is Kevin A. Ryan born in Gotham, Nottinghamshire in 1958. from the age of 10 I was raised in County Mayo Ireland, I served over 21 years (1976-1997) with the Irish Defence Forces and with U.N.I.F.I.L. in South Lebanon.

    My medal collecting began in earnest while living in Kempten Allgau, Bavaria, Germany
    after I retired from the Irish Army.

    I moved in 2003 to Transylvania to get married to a Romanian lady, I also inherited two children Maria -Roxane and Adrian along with my wife Adriana and expanded my medal collecting to Romanian Royal and R.P.R. – R.S.R. Communist items.

    Another aspect of my hobby is hunting through Romanian graveyards looking for military graves as the custom here
    is to have a picture of the occupant on the headstone in military attire and with medals. This is a great source of information with regards the uniform styles and the medal bar styles.

    My other passion is military history and I am currently engaged in putting together a history of the British military barracks and posts in the county of Mayo, from 1750 to 1922, including the Regiments of Infantry, Cavalry, and Militia who rotated through them, I have accumulated over the past few years a wealth of information, but, sadly finding a publisher is being a bit of a struggle.

    Well that’s about it.


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