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    Wurttemberg Campaign Medal for 2 Campaigns 1793-1815
    (Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzuge 1793-1815)

    The medal was founded by King Wilhelm I on January 1, 1840 for all officers, military officials, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers, who in Wurttemberg service participated in a campaign and thereby “had either entered the theatre of operations or at least crossed the hostile border”.
    The dies for this medal were made by Gottlob August Dietelbach (1806 – 1870). The medals were struck at the Stuttgart Mint from bronze smelted from captured cannon.
    There are at least two die variations known. On the ribbon binding the bottom of the wreath are the initials “A D” for August Dietelbach. This indicates that this was a later die-type.
    On the reverse of this medal is a shield with three upper points, with small lion’s or dog’s heads (they have been described as either in existing literature) at both outer points. At the centre point of the shield is an ornamentation composed of leaves. At the centre of this shield is the inscription “für/treuen Dienst/in/zwei/feldzügen.” (For faithful service in two campaigns). Behind the shield are two crossed swords with their blades pointing downward. Draped from the sword blades are what appear to be ribbon ornamentations.
    This medal is 30mm in diameter and has been gilded. Gilding was a rather common practice for officers of this period as one didn’t have to polish the medal to keep it looking proper once it was gilded. The gilding was privately done at the cost of the recipient. At the top of the medal is a suspension eyelet soldered to the edge of the medal. Through this eyelet passes an un-fused ribbon ring.

    Prior to the end of November 1840, a total of 9,796 war veterans had received the medal for two campaigns. Altogether, 26,686 medals for various campaigns were known to be struck.

    (Information from different sources and web pages – including one of our own forum member site ;) )

    Unfortunately ribbon is fresh reporduction

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