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    Question, I resently saw a German WW1/WW2 Medal group that contain the following medals:
    German Hindenburg Cross, Bulgarian WW1 Commemorative medal, Austian WW1 War Medal and Hugarian WW1 War Medal. I can understand the German/Bulgarian or the German/Austian/Hugarian combinations but not all four together?

    jb floyd

    As I recall, the Austrian, Hungarian and Bulgarian medals were awarded upon application (and payment of a small fee). I don’t think I’ve ever seen any criteria requiring that a soldier have served in any particular theater to qualify. But, if you consider the economic situation of Germany at the time these medals were issued, I’m sure some veterans could only scrape up enough cash for one or two.

    Frank Dutil

    I’ve seen the odd set with only the 4. All you had to do was prove your war service with a letter, pay for the medal and postage, and mount them together.


    I have seen that and owned those bars several times. As said before, all those had to be applied and paid for.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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