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    fred j borgmann

    Wisconsin Military and Civil Medals by Fred J. Borgmann. Card covers, coil bound, full color, 174 pages with over 300 listings and over 200 color illustrations. Welcome to Wisconsin Military and Civil Medals. A quarter of a century has passed since my last effort with this topic and I am sure that all who read this will agree that it was worth the wait. The listings have been vastly expanded and now include more than just the medals earned by our veterans. To help prevent future misattributions both accidental and intentional I have included souvenir medals that were sold to the public to fund celebrations and a monument plus some fobs that were sold at the many summer camps of old. Also included are a few known reproductions in the hope that this information will save beginning collectors more than a few dollars. I have corrected some old mistakes and added some very rare and interesting military and civilian medals in addition to an expanded section of presentation badges. The new order of this catalog begins with the general issues of the Wisconsin National Guard and then explores the issues of the individual units. Next is a listing of some interesting and unusual medals that have been generally over looked until now. Following this is an extensive listing of medals issued for war service. To transition from the military to the civilian sections there is a listing of the University of Wisconsin Corps of Cadets (R.O.T.C.) issues and an extensive alphabetical listing of medals from the St. John’s Military Academy. The civilian section contains medals issued by local government units and presentation badges.

    It is gratifying to see how many collectors and historians are still using my first edition and I hope that this new volume will continue that tradition. Through out the book you will see some listings with courtesy lines containing the names of the dedicated collectors who generously provided the information. Only 550 copes were printed. For further information and questions please contact the publisher: borgmannfj@hotmail.com
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