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    It is not often you come across an Imperial German medal that has some reference to its recipient.

    In this case I have been lucky enough to find a clasp and award certification for a Westphalian Landwehr soldier awarded in 1875.

    The Westphalian Landwehr were founded in 1813 and saw several fields of battle throughout the Prussian French engagements of 1813 -1815, including Quatre Bras and Waterloo, later again during the Prussian revolution in 1866 and the Franco – Prussian war of 1870-71 and finally in WW1 on the western front.

    The recipient of this award , Albert ? Kettmann is very likely to have served in the Franco Prussian conflict and most likely would have been at "stand to" for the revolution as a member of the Westphalian Landwehr Regiment No 56, 1st battalion stationed in Borkhum, an island in East Fresia close to the Dutch border.
    Westphalian Landwehr Clasp Certificate 1875.png
    Landwehr Clasp 1875.png

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    Frank Dutil

    Very sweet! This is the first time I see an award document for the service clasp! Thanks for sharing! Great stuff!

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