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    Welcome to the new OMSA Forum. By now you will realize that there have been some changes. Don’t be alarmed that you have had to change your password. This was necessary due to new software with increased security.

    Unfortunately we have not been able to transfer the old forum to this new site. The material is there and some will be transfered to this forum but it will take time and effort. Please be patient. Not all change is bad and we hope that the improvements will be worth the headaches.


    For your attention:

    Forum rules Overview

    The Objective of the OMSA Forum is to develop and further the interest, research and collecting of medals and their recipients.
    i) The OMSA Forum is not a commercial enterprise, nor should members use the forum for commercial advantage.

    ii) The forum is maintained on a voluntary basis, members should bear this in mind when making any post to the forum.

    iii) The use of the OMSA Forum is subject to the rules and guidelines as described. By using the Forum in any way you signify explicit agreement to all of the statements contained herein. These rules and guidelines apply to the heading and body of your posts, to your signature, avatar and to private messages (PM) and email sent from the forum.

    iv) Failure to respect the rules may lead to your account being suspended or a ban being placed on your continued use of the forum.

    v) If a member has any questions about the rules and whether a topic can be posted or wish to make a post contrary to the rules / guidelines then advice should be sought from a Moderator or the Forum Administrator before posting any such article.

    » 1. Respect for fellow members
    i) Don’t use profane language

    ii) Don’t post items that are in any way racist, sexist, abusive or obscene

    iii) Don’t post items that incite or in a aggressive tone

    iv) Don’t make statements that could be construed as defamatory of an individual, group, organization or business.

    v) Do respect the right of other to express their opinion

    » 2. Respect for Forum Moderators
    Remember the moderators are all volunteers, who give their free time to the continuation of this forum. Please make their task easier by abiding with the rules and following the guidelines.

    i) All moderators have an absolute right to delete, move, edit or otherwise change any post added to the forum in order to maintain continuity, ensure adherence to these rules and maintain the positive spirit of the Forum.

    ii) Disagreement with a decision of a Moderator will not be discussed on the open forum.

    iii) Disputes will be discussed by a panel of Moderators. The panel decision is final.

    » 3. Copyright
    Copyright legislation must be complied with. The Fair Use provision of US Copyright law is vague. If in doubt, don’t use it.

    Members who own the copyright of published material may post the material on the Forum

    » 4. Advertising
    i) Members will not solicit or promote any commercial activity in which they have an interest, on the Forum. A link to a non commercial website is permitted in your signature, but must be of reasonable length and of a small font size.

    ii) Commercial logos are not permitted nor are they to be used as an avatar.

    iii) Posts that are deemed by the moderators as promoting a commercial interest will be deleted or otherwise modified unless you have specifically approached the moderators and obtained permission prior to the post.

    iv) This rule also applies to charitable appeals.


    The New OMSA Website Project Team welcomes you to our new forum & website!

    We have been working diligently to get this site up and running as quickly as possible to give the OMSA members time sensitive and up-to-date information, such as the OMSA Jacksonville Convention.

    To learn more about the need and background behind this new OMSA website, we would encourage you to read the OMSA President’s Message announcing this launch under the “About Us” tab on the Home Page.

    So what will happen in the near future regarding this new website?

    Short-Term (defined as up to the August OMSA Board Meeting):
    Our New OMSA Website Project Team will continue to manage the website content that is not forum related for the short-term. This “Hand-Off Phase” of the Project Plan will insure that all bugs are worked out and things are running smoothly. We have also solicited several other forum moderators to help us with forum moderation during this interim period.
    Long-term (defined as after the August OMSA August Board Meeting):
    The “Closure Phase” of our Project Plan will be to present a functional website management proposal at the August OMSA Board Meeting to maintain it going forward as well as recommending strategies to dramatically improve the research content. If accepted, our proposal will take the website forward in a dramatic and improved turn from where we have been.
    As part of this proposal, there will not be a Webmaster position due to the flexibility of the Content Management Structure (CMS) of the new website software. Our recommendations will establish a functional management structure for the OMSA Website that can be delegated to many individuals to insure feeding the website with new and fresh material.
    In the meantime, if you have any comments, observations, website problems, suggestions, as well as constructive criticism, we would be happy to hear from you though this forum so that we may take that input and use it to continuously improve.

    The New OMSA Website Project Team

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