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    Hi I’m Matt, formerly Maty on the old forum and forgot the email that I used to register, so needed to start a new account. I have been an OMSA member since 2004, and have attended every convention since I became a member at the OMSA 2004 convention in Sacramento.
    Many of you know me from the convention, some may not. I currently oeprate a business matmil.us a former full time hobby has flourished into a business venture this year, and a sudden relocation of my personal being last year, returning to the State of georgia, I’m glad to be home and back on the east coast show circuit once again.

    I am personally interested in collecting the British General service medal 1918-1962 with the SE Asia 1945-46 clasp to other ranks, especially to Indian recipients, there are other British-Indian interests but this has been the main focus for the past two years.

    I like the new skin on the foum…. looks real nice, and hopefully this forum will provide ever lasting medallic data for us all.


    jb floyd

    I’m Jeff Floyd, an OMSA member for 40+ years. At various times, I’ve been editor, director and president (currently a director).

    My primary collecting interest revolves around Americans who received foreign awards (especially British awards) and foreigners who have received American awards. Under this umbrella, I have been lucky enough to acquire several groups to American members of the RAF’s Eagle Squadrons (71, 121, 133 Squadrons, RAF).

    I’m a retired Air Force target intelligence officer (1969-1989), and I’m a founding partner of FJP Auctions, Inc.

    john f.

    I am John Fitzgerald (OMSA # 7947), of San Antonio, Texas. I have been collecting medals and militaria since 1989. I take a shotgun blast approach to collecting and don’t limit myself to a particular era or country (a generalist if you will). However, I do favor Cold War era, Eastern European awards.


    Hi. I’m Dave Fay. I’m primarily interested in SE Asian ODM (Laos, Cambodia, Thai, French Government of Indochina, Burma, Vietnam).

    My website is at http://www.indochinamedals.com

    Clyde Tinklepaugh

    Greetings from the Office of the OMSA Secretary, Clyde Tinklepaugh. I have been an OMSA member for 25 years serving as the Back Issue Manager, Business Manager/Distribution Manager and currently the Secretary. I am a collector of Medals from the State of Delaware and New York, Navy and Marine Corps Good Conduct Medals. Stop by the Secretary’s table at the convention and introduce yourselves. It is always nice to put a name with a face.


    Hi, I’m Thomas. Final got this new site to let me post. I collect ROTC Medals, Sons of American Revolution (SAR), Marine Corp League (MCL), Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR), Bugles Across America (BAA), {Doc I still need a Membership Medal if you can get me one :lol: }, few others, other non US military Mini Medal mostly except for US Military campaign and service (pre War on Terror), ribbon bars, and what medals catch my eye. How to interact to some of the online members, I got to know over the years on the old site. Lukasz if you are out there, I have some AFROTC, (pre 1989) and Angle Flight/Silver Wing ribbon information for your site, if it is still up. I can’t remember if I give it to you on the old site, I remember I had some problem if I wait to long to write a post, oh well water under the bridge.
    *What was I Saying?*


    hello everyone my name is Michael i am currently in grade 11 at Mackenzie secondary in Mackenzie northern b.c.
    my interests are mainly ww2,Korea and Vietnam era medals ribbon bars and uniforms but i am always looking for nice early ribbon bars
    i also have a nice collection of coins including an atocha 2 reale and several gold coins i can also be found on the usmf under the same screen name
    and no im not related to kevin ;)

    Frank Dutil

    Hi all! Frank Dutil (OMSA # 8018) from the Great White North.

    My collecting interests include the USA, British Imperial and Commonwealth, Imperial and modern day Germany, Imperial to modern day France, Belgium, the Soviet Union, and as you will no doubt notice in the "Images" database, I’ve taken a particular interest in modern Russian ODMs in the past few years.

    My congratulations to the "new forum" team for a superb job!


    Hi to all,

    I’m Christophe. Originating from paris, I also spend some time in Berlin.
    My collecting biography :
    1982 – France.
    1992 – Soviet.
    2002 – Iron Crosses.
    2012 – ?
    Since I live both in Paris and Berlin, I have also recently added GDR awards to my collection…
    Another (not surprising) passion : all that is related to Berlin : Berlin Battle and Cold War items (awards, border signs, maps, books, regimental objects…).

    I am OMSA Member #7151, since 2001, and Member of OMRS and BDOS.
    In the "old" website, I used to be the Moderator of the French section in the Forum.

    Thanks and cheers to all.


    doc riley

    Welcome to the new OMSA website. I am Michael "Doc" Riley. I have been a member of OMSA for many years. Many of you know me from the old website where I served the members of the forum as Website Manager for three years. I am happy to let you know that I am here, as part of the website team, to continue to help you. I am currently moving content from the old site to here. I’ve started with the Soviet section. Yesterday I was asked to moderate the OMSA Medal Database. I will work hard to approve and post the medals you upload quickly. I fyou have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Finally, Please explore, make posts and enjoy the new OMSA website.

    :D Doc


    My name is Henk-Willem and I’m from the Netherlands.
    I will start in September with the Master Nanotechnology at the University of Twente. I want to do a PhD after this Master (something with microfluidics/nanofluidics).

    My collection interests are:
    – Dutch ODM in original case;
    – the Bene Merenti and Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice medals of the Vatican, in original case;
    – the Laureate of the labor of Belgium, in original case;
    – the French Palmes of the Academy, in original case;
    – and I have a starting interest in Freemasonry medals.

    I am a member of the OMSA (M#8014) since October 2008, of the SRO (the Dutch society) since 2007 of 2008, of the DGO (former BDOS, #3009) since 2008, and I just applied for a corresponding membership for the new Portugese society (AFP).


    Hello all:

    I am Jim Bigley, have been an OMSA member for many years. Been out of the loop for the past several months and guess I missed the start of the new forum. I ended up creating a new account this morning, hope that doesn’t foul things up.

    Looking forward to seeing many of you at JAX.

    Regards, Jim

    j. mcculloch

    I’m Jeff and I’m old enough now so that this is the 3rd iteration of the OMSA site I have been on. I am not sure how I feel about this "new" one. It reminds me a lot of the old British medals forum in structure.
    Ummmm…where is the database?
    By the way-is it just me or has GMIC gone off line? I can not open anything there.



    The database is still here. Click on "Images" on the upper menu. That will take you there.


    jb floyd


    GMIC is still up and running. They changed a few thiongs around not long ago, so you may have been caught in that trap.

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