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    Welcome to the new forum!

    I would like to welcome everyone to the new forum. As you will immediately notice, things are a little different and, hopefully, easy to figure out. We are actively trying to repopulate the new forum with a lot of the content from the old forum. At the same time we are happy to see new and better content for the future.

    I hope everyone will take this opportunity to introduce, or re-introduce, themselves.

    My name is John Allgood and I have been a member of OMSA for over 10 years and have been a member of OMRS for almost the same amount of time. At the last OMSA Convention I, along with a number of others, was asked to be a part of the website re-building project. I trust the other members of that team will introduce themselves as well in the coming days.

    As for personal background, I am primarily a collector of medals from British India specifically medals in the India General Service series (1854-95, 1895-1901, 1908-35 & 1936-39). I am also very interested in medals to the units who served in the British Colony of Aden; I wrote my Ph.D. dissertation on Aden covering the years 1956-67. Like many collectors, my collecting interests can wander; my wanderings remain within the broad range of the British Empire. I am married with two young girls (9 & 11 at the moment).

    I hope to hear more from you in the future.

    Best wishes,


    fred j borgmann

    Greetings, I am Fred J Borgmann OMSA # 2548. I used to do "The Militarist" on the old forum and will be happy to continue if possible under the new system.


    Hello All,

    As a fellow member of the New OMSA Website Project Team, I would also like to welcome everyone to our new website! My name is Chris Cawthorne and I am second-generation OMSA member as well as a Director of our society. While I enjoy all aspects of orders and medals, my primary interests are the medals of the Napoleonic Wars.

    I hope you enjoy our new website and help us by actively participating in our forums. We also have exciting things planned for the future as we wind down the first phase of our project and move into the next phase of building up the research material on the website.

    So if you have ideas and comments regarding the website and the forum, please take the time to post so we can hear from you and incorporate the best of the new ideas into our project plans.

    Best Regards,

    jomsa editor

    Congratulations on the new Forum! I am Dick Flory, a retired professor of geology. My interests are Twentieth Century Royal Artillery officers, Yugoslavian orders and medals of the Tito era, and Pennsylvania state medals (especially the long service medals).


    My name is Nathan Weiss. My collecting interset is The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George.

    I have the honor of serving on the OMSA board, concentrating on the operation of the annual convention. If anyone has a question about how the convention works please contact me.

    A well deserved thanks to Chris, Peter and their team for the work that they have done on the new web site!!


    Hello I am Dick La Tondre and I look forward to our new home. I collect medals of countries that are no more such as Manchukuo, Cambodge, and Annam. My broader area is medals of the Far East, I have photographed, identified, and mensurated several collections held by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. I retired after thirty years of duty in the Marine Corps and am an author of several books the latest being "The Golden Kite".



    Congratulations and good luck with the new forum – I wish you every success.

    I’m Peter Weedon and have a broad spectrum of interests, from HMS Victory through the Indian Mutiny, Zulu War and twentieth century conflicts. The South African war of 1879 is a core interest and I’m fortunate to have visited Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana. More recently I’ve been buying the odd GSM, mostly South Arabia (Aden) and Northern Ireland. I like the "end of Empire" units.

    I’m based in Berkshire in the UK and am happy to offer advice on places to visit if anyone is heading over the pond.



    Well, I am over here. I am glad to see some friends from the old forum as well as a number of brand new members.

    I have been an OMSA member for over 40 years and a frequent contributor to the journal over these years. I was also a participant on the old forum (the #1 poster, though these posts are now MIA) and a moderator for some of the sub-fora there and for the database (and am saddened to see that most of what I and others did with the database over the last few months is now "disappeared").

    My coillecting forcus is Indian and other South Asian awards (both before and after independence in 1947), though I maintain other collecting distractions as well (Mongolia, Soviet Union, the Arab World, etc.). Relevant to my collecting focus, I maintain the http://sagongs.ipbhost.com/ forum (send me an e-mail should you wish to join) and co-authored with Rana Chhina the major work on post-1947 Indian decorations and medals. My collecting focus grows out of my professional focus as a university professor of history (now retired) with a specialization on Modern South Asia.


    Congratulations OMSA on a new website, now I must make a point of using this one which I never did the previous one.
    This is Jim Hitch, your Treasurer. It is my wish that this new website bring us many inquiries and new members to this hobby and association which I have enjoyed for over 50 years. My collecting interests are British: a regimental collection of the Army Service Corps, the Abyssinian campaign in particular members of the Land Transport Train, British animal life saving medals, and most recently an attempt to collect a single or group to each of the Australian Light Horse Regiments which particpated the Palestine campaign of 1918, and lastly British medals named to a Hitch. I would be pleased to communicate with anyone on any of the topics.


    Thank you members for updating the website.

    I’m Bill Brouillard Jr. Member #4085 (My 25th Year with OMSA). I have enjoyed the friendships I have made with my fellow Medal Collectors, I look forward to another 25 years (+++)



    Hello, I’m Megan, possibly best known for the ‘Medals of the World’ website.

    Once the niggles get sorted out (there are a few quite major design flaws) and we get the useful material transferred across, this has the potential to become an even better site than the old one… provided people are willing to get involved!


    Hi there
    I’m Graeme McLeod and I live in New Zealand. My collecting and research has two themes – gallantry groups to New Zealanders, and a comprehensive array of Orders and Medals to Commonwealth countries, (ex "British"), since their respective dates of independence. These latter medals have been displayed at a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, CHOGM. I’m looking forward to meeting up with OMSA friends again.
    Regards to all from NZ, still on top of the world, but getting just a little shaky lately…..Graeme

    PS Am I missing something ? The "View all new posts button"…..


    I’m new here @ http://www.omsa.org and wanna say hi to all the guys/gals of this board!


    Connaughtranger signing in from Transylvania. :D

    My name is Kevin A. Ryan born in Gotham, Nottinghamshire in 1958. from the age of 10 I was raised in County Mayo Ireland, I served over 21 years (1976-1997) with the Irish Defence Forces and with U.N.I.F.I.L. in South Lebanon.

    My medal collecting began in earnest while living in Kempten Allgau, Bavaria, Germany
    after I retired from the Irish Army.

    I moved in 2003 to Transylvania to get married to a Romanian lady, I also inherited two children Maria -Roxane and Adrian along with my wife Adriana and expanded my medal collecting to Romanian Royal and R.P.R. – R.S.R. Communist items.

    Another aspect of my hobby is hunting through Romanian graveyards looking for military graves as the custom here
    is to have a picture of the occupant on the headstone in military attire and with medals. This is a great source of information with regards the uniform styles and the medal bar styles.

    My other passion is military history and I am currently engaged in putting together a history of the British military barracks and posts in the county of Mayo, from 1750 to 1922, including the Regiments of Infantry, Cavalry, and Militia who rotated through them, I have accumulated over the past few years a wealth of information, but, sadly finding a publisher is being a bit of a struggle.

    Well that’s about it.




    My name is David Bondi and I’ve been a member of OMSA and OMRS for a few years now. I enjoyed meeting several folks at the last OMSA convention in Portland which is near to where I live in Seattle, Washington. I started collecting medals roughly 30 years ago, as a young guy. My Grandfather fought in WWI (British ASC) and my Great Uncle, in WWII (British RA). I’m very proud to care for their medals now. My primary interest is the Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840. That Age of Sail to me is just amazing, the characters, the ships, the battles, the fleet actions, the cutting outs, the subterfuge, chaos and rewards. It just never grows old on me. So much still to learn. I will say my collecting the last few years has taken a little bit of a side note with the addition of two beautiful daughters, a 3yr old and a bouncing 10mo old. My hope is as they get older they may take to their dad’s appreciation of these "tiny bits of shiny metal with pretty ribbons" ;)

    It is nice to see the new site up and running. Lots of improvements with continued improvements I am sure. With such a large membership here in the states, I hope that each member will begin to frequent and contribute what they can on a regular basis. The more shared the more learnt. I look forward to learning more!

    Kind Regards,

    OMSA #7883, OMRS #7045

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