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    Good afternoon everyone and hello to anyone in this part of the forum who I met at the Convention in Jacksonville.

    I am a collector of the (including the CdeG 14-18, 39-45 and TOE and the ).

    Preparing a major presentation on the CdeG last year I discovered that a comprehensive, informative and authoritative book on the subject in English does not exist (I have a whole bookshelf in my library with books in French) so I have decided to write one.

    I have decided to inlude lists of names of individual recipients. For the British Commonwealth this is not a problem, as everyone was published in the ; most other nations are also not too difficult. However, for Americans it is dreadfully difficult; I have been putting together a list, mostly gleaned from the internet, plus the odd journal article or mention in a book, however, the list is woefully short of complete.

    If anyone in the French Medal post-1870 forum is able to assist I would be very greatful.

    Please note, I am not after information on unit awards – I have all the information I need on awards of the to US units.

    Look forward to hearing from folks.


    Graham Wilson




    There was a Marine Corps list of recipients published around 1919



    Thank you very much for light on the trick business of the Croix de Guerre, as a collector of US WWI and WWII Uniforms and Medal groups I have often wonder about the levels of awarding stars and branches to the recipient. Based on what has been written hear US Soldiers could receive several stars, bronze, silver or gold for multiple awards from the same lever unit. This may have been answered and I missed it but is there a data base of WWI or WWII CdGs awarded to foreign or for that matter French troops. Thank you again for sharing your information and I look forward to following this string.


    In what order do the palm and star devices for the French Croix de Guerre appear on the service ribbon for U.S. uniform wear? Or do they not appear on service ribbons?


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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