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    jb floyd

    We need some volunteer help for a small project.

    Through the "Contact" part of this site, we receive regular requests for information on the award of various organizational medals to Junior ROTC cadets.

    What we need is someone to do a little internet legwork and build a listing of organizations that have programs for JROTC and their contact points. The goal is to have a package ready so that when we get a request/inqury from a JROTC detachment, we can give them this listing with many options for recognizing their cadets.

    We have a good start in our image data base, so it won’t be backbreaking and we might all learn something about medals.

    Can you help? Drop me a PM for more details. Thanks.


    Just for further information, Jeff has sent me the following link that, in Appendix 14 of the file, lists contact information for purchasing some AFROTC awards. http://www.columbuscityschools.org/chs/ … idepdf.pdf

    If people find some similar links for these JROTC awards, we can pass them on when requested. Hopefully some of these people will also be interested in our organization as well.




    Jeff has given a few more bits of information regarding these JROTC awards. Again, if anyone has a better source of information on these awards please let us know. It is a bit far from my expertise and interests but, hopefully, we can help out a few interested parties with this.

    For Army JROTC (Chapter 11 of this publication):
    https://www.usarmyjrotc.com/jrotcRes/do … R145-2.pdf

    Navy JROTC awards program (Chapter XI of this publication):



    If you can contact him, JROTCMEDALSGUY who posted a lot of the JROTC/ROTC Medal Photos, may have up to date information you need on Army JROTC. If you remember, on the old Forum he post a photo of him standing with JROTC cadets @ instructors with his frame Army JROTC medal display. Him and Doug used to fight over the JROTC awards regulations, both helped out with JROTC units in their area, I tried to be the peace maker when I could. In fact he sent me 2 nice 8 X 10s photos of his framed Army ROTC and JROTC medal displays along with a print out of the contract information for the national organizations/societies/groups that awarded the JROTC Medals, (thou he does keep his personal medal contacts secret). His list will cover in my research all the medals awarded all branches JROTC Cadets except the following:
    There are 16 National JROTC Awards on list, 13 are awarded to all branches. ***Note the GOLD and Silver Valor Medals are the same for both AFJROTC and AFROTC***
    1.) AFJROTC Air Force Association (AFA) Medal; contact information for this is at [url http://www.afa.org/aef/medals_criteria.asp) which will include information to obtain medal
    2.) Air Force Sergeant Assocation (AFSA) Medal; contact local chapter of AFSA, if no local chapter contact AFSA international Headquarter for name and address of division president whose area of resonsibility nearest to requesting school.
    3.)the Tuskegee Airmen Inc AFJROTC Cadet Award (ribbon only award); contact AFJROTC Unit SC-065 C.A. Johnson High School.

    I have a download pdf but I can find the email that gave me the link. There are 19 National JROTC Awards on list, 15 are awarded to all branches.
    1.) Marine Corp Reserve Officers Assocation (ribbon only award)
    2.) Woman Marine Assocation (ribbon only award)
    3.) Navy League Youth Medal (Teddy Roosevelt)
    4.) Naval Reserve Assocation (ribbon only award) ***not listed in award list on the NJROTC PDF listed above***

    : only one unit that I know and I gotten no replies to my information requests.

    : In my research, you can have two current awards PDF from 2 different JROTC units, (same branch), and they may each have different list of JROTC Awards they award their cadets, (Go figure).


    I have the following document on my company website that I share the link with JROTC Instructors when they are planning their awards ceremonies:

    http://www.masterpiece-dbr.com/uploads/ … Awards.pdf


    Thanks for that!

    I have a list of informational links that I send to every email concerning JROTC requests. I will add your info onto it, unless I hear otherwise.




    I am going to send you via PM my email address, if you could send me the info you referenced I would appreciate it


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