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    I have a couple of medals, and a couple of numbered clasps from a good conduct award.  The clasps are numbered 12491.  I interpolated and figured the man’s first GCM must have been awarded around 1907-8.  Both his clasps were dated May 27-1912, and May 27-1916.  The medals are West Indies Campaign, USN and Phillipine Campaign, USN.  I think it would have taken whoever was awarded a GCM in 1907 around 8 years to collect a GCM.  I am not sure when they started with 4 or 3 year awards.


    My question is, where could I possibly go or search to find who held Continuous Service Certificate #12491.  If it turns out that guy served in the Spanish American War, I may have a 3 medal group on my hands.

    Thank you for any help in advance.


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