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    jeff mcwilliam

    Hi all
    Being new to the forum and also to the subject of Latin American War Medals, I wonder if I might draw on the collective expertise of members in this fascinating topic.
    At the moment I am very puzzled by an apparent anomaly re the Uraguay "Triple Alliance" War Medal/Cross 1865 – 1869:
    According to most of the sources I am aware of (mostly dealers) the cross was made of Bronzed Iron ("Hierro Dulce") with the appropriate radiating-sun attachment above. However, just recently I have come across two examples apparently struck in different metals, viz Lead, and an unspecified White-metal…the former from the French dealer "Medal-Medaille" and the latter which features on the OMSA data file and is said to originate from a Morton & Eden sale.
    I wonder if any of the experts on this subject can confirm that such deviations were official and, if so, under what circumstances these variations were issued. With many thanks in advance for any help you can give. Sincerely. Jeff McWilliam
    [attachment=1]UY101a.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]Uruguay Silver Cross for Paraguay War.jpg[/attachment]
    Uruguay Silver Cross for Paraguay War.jpg

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