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    Posting this for a OMSA member Jef from Belgium who is having trouble logging in:-


    Dear Gents,
    Attached are the pics of a medal which was given to a Belgian Soldier. A Belgian museum would like to use this medal in an exhibition about the American presence in the Ypres area, but we need to know what this exactly is. In this way I ask for your help.

    Reverse: Gifts for Belgian Soldiers ( in French Don Croix Rouge Americaine)

    and the name of recipient:- Clarysse C.

    Front: 3de Regiment Karabiniers, Melding aan de dagorde 1918 ( translation: 3rd Regiment Carabiniers, mentioned in an order of the Day 1918).

    In the same manner of the recepients name, Pilckem is added at 12 o’clock at the front side. (By the way, Pilckem is a place East of Boezinge, North of Ypres; Remember the battle of Pilckem Ridge, in the summer of 1917?

    The ribbon is a Red /White and Blue one, hard to see on the pics, I’m afraid I only have these pics for the moment.

    Thank you for any help, even for a detail.

    KInd regards from Flanders,


    Many thanks for any help, from Kevin. :D

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    The inscription on the reserve actually translates:

    Gifts for Belgian Soldiers
    Donated by (the) American Red Cross

    It seems to imply that this is an American Red Cross medal?

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,



    I meant inscription on the REVERSE, careless idiot that I am.

    Sorry about that,

    Boyard :oops:

    jb floyd

    It’s not something I’ve ever seen before and it brings up some questions:

    Why is it not an American-made medal?
    Why is the basic inscription not in English?
    Why would the non-combatant Red Cross honor an Allied combatant unit?

    It looks like something the recipient (or perhaps the unit) had engraved to honor some event that never had a medal associated with it. Perhaps a senior Red Cross official sent a letter commending the unit for its support of the Red Cross in a difficult time and that was transformed into a medal.

    I just don’t see it as an American Red Cross award.

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