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    I have had this medal rattling around my house since the 1960’s. Any clues as to what it is would be appreciated.
    [attachment=0]Walilko Mystery Medal.jpg[/attachment]
    The medal is a narrow red "Templar" cross on a gold eagle, the back is stamped “SPINK LONDON”. The ribbon is purple with red side stripes. The red case is labeled Spink & Son Ltd., (est. 1722) with no markings on the front.

    Thank you!
    Walilko Mystery Medal.jpg

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    Have you tried asking Spinks? They’re reasonably friendly…


    lukasz gaszewski

    It is the Cross of Merit of the Field Bishop of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. It was established in 1940 and awarded in two classes: gold and silver. This is the gold class. The silver class, similar in shape, was worn on a green ribbon with red stripes.


    PS: would you please tell me what the width of the ribbon is?


    Thank you for the guidance! The width of the ribbon is 46 mm; the red stripes are 3 mm, inset 2 mm from the edges. The color is as you see it in the picture, a rich purple.

    To give you a little background, my parents were Polish, and two of my uncles were both priests, ordained in the 50’s. One of them may have gotten it as a gift from either Polish friends or relatives, and it made its way to me. (I can’t ask them, the youngest died only last week at the age of 86.) But I think they were too young to have been awarded it themselves. (And too American.)

    lukasz gaszewski

    This is what I thought. The Bishop’s cross was famous for its very wide ribbon. The cross was estblished by Józef Gawlina, the Field Bishop of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. After the war he settled down in Rome, went on awarding it as his private decoration and continued until his death in 1964. So I think it was possible that either of your uncles received the award from him.

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