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    I’ve had a request from a Canadian whose grandfather came to Canada from Denmark in 1929, bringing an unknown medal..
    I hope that you guys can help me ID it!!

    At first it reminded me a bit of the Medal Ingenio et Arti, but the figure on the reverse is way off..
    http://skibden.dk/Medaljer/Site/DK_OFF/ … 20Arti.htm

    I’ve added the pics as public dropbopx links, so you guys can see the high res pictures, and not only the 700×700 that can be uploaded.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/594 … M00414.jpg

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/594 … M00413.jpg


    I have some more info on the recipient.
    He came to Canada age 20, from a family of fishermen.

    The guy who emailed me have been told that the medal have something to do with the Russian frigate Nesky.

    I’m even more clueless now! A Danish Royal medal for Danes serving on Russian frigates????


    It is a very early design of the Royal Medal for Recompense (Den Kongelinge Beloningsmedaille) – only Christian IX used this reverse, thereafter the more familiar plain reverse with laurel wreath (and sometimes engraved recipient details). The Christian IX issue was in 4 types – gold medal with crown, gold medal without crown, silver medal with the date 18 Febr. 1906 and an undated silver medal (the type your specimen is). All were 31mm diameter, as opposed to the 28mm of later issues.

    Hugs from Megan


    Damn your good Megan!

    I asume that the person who went to Canada in 1929 age 20, wasn’t the original recipient (Would be strange that he would be awarded it 3 years before he was borne) :roll:

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