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    jack mooers

    I have a small (31mm) brass medal that I need some help researching. It has a map which depicts Isreal / Palestine. And the script seems to in in an Arabic alphabet. I have no idea what it is or the time period it comes from. Friends have speculated that it could be pre 1948 Palestine or from any of the countries that tried to invade Isreal after it’s independence. Any help would be appreciated.
    Jack Mooers

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    Jack, This is a souvenir medallet or similar the script reads "FATAH" which is the reverse acronym for the Movement for the Liberation of Palestine – this is repeated in full on the lower rim of the medal but with the addition of the word, "Movement for the Liberation of the Nation of Palestine". It may have been silvered and dates perhaps from the late 1960’s /1970’s.FATAH is (was) the primary Palestinian "political entity" and its members now lead the Palestinian National Authority. Kind regards, Owain.

    jack mooers

    Thanks I appreciate knowing what it is, I’m not into the Middle East but it bugs to have something and not know what it is.
    Again Thanks

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