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    The first has unfortunately lost its centre; the second looks east Asian.

    Any ideas welcome.



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    Frank Draskovic

    The mini with the red star on a blue background seems to be the Socialist Rep. Of Yugoslavia’s Order of the Yugoslav Star (a 3 class Order), or the the identical design used for the Order of the Yugoslav Great Star (a one class Order awarded mostly to heads of state). Both were established on Feb. 1, 1954.
    For good pics of Soc. Yugoslavia’s full size Orders, go to http://www.titoville.com ( a fun website) and click on "my Decorations", under The Facts. At the top is a Great Star and under Yugoslav Flag, the webmasters have mistakenly pictured a badge of the Yugoslav Star, instead of a Flag Order.


    I am certain you are right Frank – thank you very much indeed.

    Thank you also for the link to the Tito site.

    Best regards,


    paul wood

    Top one looks south vietnamese without centre.

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