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    fred j borgmann

    The city of Thurnau in Northern Bavaria issued a medal to it’s local Franco Prussian war veterans in 1895 on the 25th anniversary of the battle of Sedan, as did many other localities throughout Germany. As a collector of these local medals I published a trial listing in the OMSA Journal a few years ago. The Thournau medal was not on my list until Medalnet brought it to my attention. Medalnet is one of those dealers who truly loves medals and never misses a chance to share useful information with collectors. The medal is silver and is marked with a crescent and crown and the number 0.990 on the rim. The crescent and crown is the German quality silver mark used since 1888 and the number means that the medal is .990 fine silver. The obverse features the Thurnau name and coat of arms. The reverse inscription tells us that this medal was given to veterans of 1870-1871 on Sept. 1, 1895. Best of all this medal may still be on the original ribbon and safety pin as issued. The ribbon type was the ribbon for the Bavarian 1866 War Cross which would still have been a fairly common item in 1895.

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